Ströhl 1891 Berthold Englische Schreibschrift Akzidenz Grotesk

Coats of Arms of the Book Trade

Last year I was looking for type specimen and related publications of foundries on the internet. I found this nice booklet that was published Christmas 1970 by H. Berthold AG as a present to their customers. It is called ‘Die Wappen der Buchgewerbe’ (Coats of Arms of the Book Trade) and was published in a series of facsimile publications from ‘Schätze aus der Berthold-Bibliothek’ (Treasures from the Berthold-Library). On the cover Englische Schreibschrift set on the Diatype Photocomposer and Akzidenz Grotesk Mager as handset metal type. On the cover also the first known printers' mark from Fust and Schöffer in the Mainz Psalter, printed in 1457.