Superpolator tips - tricks - tutorial


Hi guys,

I recently bought Letterror's Superpolator. I've seen all the video's about it from the Robothon 2009 event, but still the program stays a bit of a mystery to me. Since there is no (known) manual for Superpolator, other than the Robothon 2009 video's, I hope there are some people out there willing to share tips and tricks. Perhaps we could even build a wiki page for it.

These are the issues I'd like to be enlightened on:

1) Importing/updating individual UFO glyphs
If you edit your masters in Fontlab and and want to update them in Superpolator, do you replace the existing master or can you update just the glyphs you editted in FontLab?

2) Automatic update master in Superpolator

How do I optimize the font with antialiasing and hinting? Do you know some tutorial?

Hello people

In that time I told you I had a problem with the font family Titillium, that had still aliasing and pixellation, because of hinting and rasterization absence, did you remember?

Then I was building the fonts at FontForge 2.0 from Ubuntu 10.10. When I finished one font. I installed it on Windows 7 and Ubuntu fonts folders. I opened the font for viewing it, but I got surprised and disappointed with that... because my font is still aliasing and pixelatted. I didn't find how I better and optimize the antialiasing, hinting and rasterization of the fonts at FontForge and, other fonts editores... I couldn't try to correct the deffects of the letters and better the high quality.

LiveCycle Editable PDF with password protection


Hi all,

I have a client who wants an editable PDF that can be saved locally to his desktop so he can email it to reps. He is using Adobe Reader and wants to be able to email them to his sales reps without the reps being able to edit them. I have completed the forms in Adobe LiveCycle ES2 but I'm not sure how to password protect them so only those with the password can edit them. Can anyone offer me some assistance as I haven't found much online pertaining to this and the help section is just confusing me. Thanks for any help!