unknown font

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Font ID Help

Good morning all, do any of you recognize this font? Help! *Dave Chappelle voice* :) Thx in advance!

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searching for a font

what font is this? thanx

Can anyone tell me this what the name of this font is?

I tried every website, like [Whatthefont] and others.

if anybody else needs any other reference, I found out that the [rage usa] website uses this for their title logo.

Thanks in advance,

Any help in discovering where this is from please?
Want to use it in a publication I am working on.
Thank you in advance

I desperately need this font for my website, I had it installed on my comp which went on to crash.. now the name is stuck at the back of my head and I can't pick it out


It can also be seen at the very beginning of this video


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