help with alternative to chancery style


Could anyone help with an alternative to the attached chancery style--without the hand-done quality? My client likes this exact style a lot but does not like the "deconstruction".
Unfortunately I need the "F" and the "h" to be very similar to this style, and I cannot for the life of me seem to find one. Either the swash is too swashy, or not swashy enough. Or the chancery style is not there. Poetica is close, but not similar enough for the client. Part of my trouble is many "F"s begin to look like "J"s when swashes are involved.

MANY MANY THANKS in advance!

High-Resolution Scans of Arrighi's Operina

I'm looking for high-resolution scans from pages of Arrighi's La Operina, which is a classic manual for calligraphy and for the 'chancery italic' approach to pre-printing-press typography. I'm aware of an on line resource of "the" work, but the resolution is too low.

The work doesn't have to be authentic and I'll consider examples of modern interpretations. I have a copy of Three Classics of Italian Calligraphy but it doesn't show enough detail.

Any help appreciated.