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Please Critique my first typeface design !


I would like a critique of my first typeface design, it is comprised of 3 versions: a standard clean neo-grotesque, an alternative version that has multiple alternatives, and a "advertising" version that has a much higher x height, along with a shorter ascender/descender line, with a more expressive feel to it. all three versions will be released under the name "Dawson Grotesque"
All advice is appreciated! This has been a project of mine for quite some time — and is my first baby, so please help me make it perfect for its release in the near future !
Thanks .

Help with Swashes, please!


Please help! Are there any rules or formatting structures for using swashes to fill in negative space for a scrip or brush layout? Like are there any tips or do-and-don'ts of creation? I want to use some to add to my layout but i don't know where to begin or which ones to use if the font does not contain alternates or glyphs included in the original. Thanks in advance!

Typography for marginal, non-latin writing systems


Hello to anyone reading this.

I primarily work with typographic design of the Javanese script, one of Indonesia's traditional script, here's an image in case you never saw it

It is a very marginal script, without official status anywhere and declining number of users despite it's long history. I was wondering if there are any other writing system with similar situations. I'd like to know how users of other marginal, non-latin script handle their typography. Though generally, I would like to know about the typography scene of other scripts other than Latin and Arab (since those two are the most prominent, is it?)

This is my first post in typophile, so apologies if I made any mistake :)

Ways of simulating legibility


Wondering if anyone has any ideas or recommendations of ways to test the legibility of a typeface. Especially for signage typefaces, I've seen specimens that simulate the glow of headlights or the blur of long-distance reading. I suppose I'm wondering if there is a standard of performing such tests/displaying the results or if it's just a blur filter in Photoshop (if so which one would most accurately simulate long-distance?). Thanks for any help.

Would love some logo feedback (also looking to hire designer for touch ups)

Here's the logo and some additional information: http://i.imgur.com/90M7zzt.png

For those interested in the job (contact me at cwrichardkim@gmail.com):
The Old
We find that our current logo has a range of issues:
1) It’s too bland. We strived for simple, but ended up with bland.
2) Unrelatable to our primary audience (college students)
3) We strove for: Sleek, high quality, class, professional, fun

The New
We’re looking for a new identity for our upcoming expansion
1) Color scheme. Finding a color scheme that fits us is our primary mission. The colors have to work across the platform

Thoughts on design trends? Follow or avoid?

In the past few years (especially 2014) of looking at design blogs on Tumblr or browsing Behance, I've come across a lot of similarities between designs, aka "trends". And I think trends are driving a lot of the most celebrated design work of today.

You can look at http://trendlist.org/ for a good example of what I'm talking about.

Just a few of the most popular design trends:

- Letterspace: spacing out or throwing around the letters of a word within a design
- Hyphens: adding hyphens somewhat randomly to words
- Left, Right, Up, Down: placing words on the sides of the design, forcing people to read sideways
- IK (International Klein) Blue: the use of a bold saturated shade of blue
- Squiggles: using squiggly lines across the design -- this one seems like one of the oddest

Honest Critiques Only


Hey guys,

I'm working on a typeface this quarter for a school class and need some critique from you type experts. The name of my typeface is "1800 Something" because it was Inspired by the “Franklin TYPE Foundry - Book of Specimens Edition of 1889”. The goal with this font was to use characteristics of 1800 typefaces and make them relevant again for type nerds alike. Basically i'm looking for any critique but I am specifically concerned with my drop shadow alternates, how can I make the drop shadow less illustrator stroke looking, it feels too blocky.

Thanks for any comments and all your critiques!


Font development


Hi all,

I'm new here and was advised by one of the many cloaked font enthusiasts to post my question here, so here goes.

I do an awful lot of graphic design for breweries, one of which has won me an award (about the only thing I've ever won in my life, but there you go).

Guidance with selecting typeface for family gravestone...

Subject: Guidance with selecting typeface for family gravestone...

[First time poster, here. Just did comprehensive search of the forums for similar questions, and understandably found only a few on target (last one back in 2011).]

Hi all,

I appreciate any guidance you might provide on this matter --- I'm trying to select a typeface for the burial headstone for a close female family member (passed away at ripe old age). I'd like the typeface to convey a sense of her strong family ties, as well as her great warmth combined with her no-nonsense/resilient approach to life.

Need some feedback on design agency logo

I am new to this forum and would like to ask your opinion/critiques on my new logo for a small design agency. The older one was created some time ago and now I'm not fully satisfied with it. It doesn't work very well on small sizes and looks a little bit old-fashioned to me. I've created several new versions with a modern look but can't decide which will work better.

To keep continuity with the old logo I used same red and gray. The font is also the same.

What logo do you think suits best for a small design studio? Do you have any negative associations with any of these logos? Any thoughts and opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Font(s) to go with Eurostile LT Pro Bold?


Hello everyone,

I'm designing a website for a company and their logo uses Eurostile LT Pro Bold Extended #2. I was wondering if you could give me some advice as to what font to choose to compliment the logo, when I'm aiming for a modern/clean look of the website.

Thanks in advance and have a nice day,

Feedback: Survival guide/magazine for graphic designers.

Survival Guide/Magazine
about graphic design.

The first exam on Westerdals Graphic Design was to make an inspiring and teaching magazine about graphic design. The target group was future students on Westerdals graphic Design.

The survival guide portrays the first year of Westerdals Graphic Design as a year of hell. If you aren’t following the guide, then you wont be able to survive the first year. The magazine is based on a step-by-step guide with assets like dictionary and notes. With a focus on blending military influenced typography and Swiss black and white illustrations. It tries to create the feeling of survival, just like the old military guides in the US. Army. The format is a pocket size so the students will able to carry it all the time when survival will be needed.

Design Assignment Feedback HELP!


Hi everyone!

This is my first post! I've currently just started a course specialising in digital design and have an assessment that I need to get feedback on from other designers. I'm still very new to this but here goes nothing!

The main objective for the assignment was to create a shirt and poster for the Salvation Army that can be ordered online; it should showcase their efforts to help and show compassion towards others. I designed my shirt to aim at a broader audience, whereas the poster is intended to show the effort the salvation army has made since 1865.

Please! Any kind of negative/positive feedback would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you so much!

font without spacing for ascendents and descendents



I am looking for a sans serif font without spacing for ascendents and descendents. I tried all caps fonts but the ones I found still have some vertical space.

I will be using this font for its digits (so it could be a digit-only font) which will need to be readable (similar to, say, Droid Sans). they will be large and I do not want them to take more vertical space than needed. The problem I am having is visible on this screenshot: http://i.stack.imgur.com/Na2e1.png -- there is space wasted above and below the numbers.

Would you have a recommendation for such a "tightly fit" font?

Thank you for any suggestions,

Logo Help (follow up)

Hi guys, this is a follow up post to the previous one. I have made changes based on suggestions received. A. and B. were the old logos. C. and D. are new with more legible company's name. My company will be selling fashion accessories, mostly scarves. Targeting women between 28-35. Moderate discretionary income. Let me know what you guys think.

Font pairing


I designed a logo for my business that sells scarves, using all Sans Remo. I had it critiqued on here and many and I agreed that the name was not legible. I would like to know if there is a nice, legible font that I can use to pair with Sans Remo (I really like the way this font looks). Thank you in advance. This is Sans Remo.