Lichtspielhaus Handmade is an ultra condensed handwritten typeface based on Lichtspielhaus.
Influenced by the hand-painted signs on cinema facades of the early cinema days, Lichtspielhaus Handmade comes with 4 weights.

“Lichtspielhaus Handmade” is the second part of a Type Noir Quadrilogy.

Used inside Central Market grocery stores to indentify and price products

Please help me ID this font!

Identify this stylish hand script font:


Any help is appreciated. Closely related fonts are also welcome.

Hi, If you can help to identify this font it would be much appreciated. Many Thanks, Jamie

The Eaglefeather font family is based on the alphabet designed by the master architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, for the Eaglerock project in 1922. In 1998, in conjunction with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Taliesen West, P22 released the FLLW Eaglefeather Set, an adaptation of the font that included a set of extras and other type-savvy features. In 1999, the font was further expanded with a light version as well as small caps and a unique informal version in three weights- Regular, Light and Bold. P22 FLLW Eaglefeather Pro completes the family with the addition of two new weights, Hairline and Black, and adds new language support for Greek, Cyrillic and full Pan-European Latin plus OpenType features available for all pro styles. In all, the NEW Eaglefeather Pro Family contains 15 full-featured, OpenType fonts plus 20 basic styles.

Probably custom but anything with that same feel will work.


Probably custom but anything with that same feel will work.


It looks like it could be hand done and then repeated, but anything know of it or anything similar? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

I was hoping someone might be able to ID this font used in a childrens book I was reading. Any help would be appreciated.


is more or less a type of hand-painted, blackletter signage and decoration (done by artisans known as fileteadores). It consists of stylized swirls, text and bright colors. BUT in this case it was done by a graphic designer.

Hey folks

Do you know this font? Or a similar typeface?




Please could someone help identify this font?

Much appreciated.


I'm primarily looking for feedback on name legibility at this point. Being that the type is hand drawn, and the word is uncommon, I'm worried about the viewer's ability to pick up the name. How well does it read, and what do you read? Any feedback would be appreciated.



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