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Form follows function versus Simplcity

Hello Everyone

I am a second year graphic design student currently working on a self - formulated essay question that discusses whether the principle of 'form follows function' is the same as 'simplicity', in design, or if the terms have gradually started to be incorrectly used in an interchangeable fashion. What are your takes on the matter?

2014 Trends in Design

With the fairly notable shift towards a more organic/handwritten style in typography of late, I was wondering what the general opinions on the style was. Specifically, what do you think of the success of fonts in the vein of Thirsty Rough or Voyage?

As a purely digital designer, I'm glad to have elements like these to design with; but as fellow typophiles/designers, do you think these trends have a decent shelf life for branding, or do you feel like it's a more fleeting trend?

Font management for a small studio

I've been working for a small design studio thats about a year old now and we are finally getting a server and some proper font management for the entire studio! Very exciting. I just wanted to ask about your favorite options, programs, and if you had any tips on making the transition.

Fonts stored on the server vs. fonts stored locally... Is it a good idea to have all the designers using fonts off of a server? Does this slow down font performance at all?

Thanks in advance!

Logo Type Copyright and Usage.

So I am creating this logo for a customer and it is based on a custom typeface I have designed for myself for use in my work. So when i create the final logo type using that typeface, will I be able to transfer the copyright of the logo(only the logotype, as a standalone piece of design) to the customer. I am asking this because typefaces aren't copyrightable in the US and i dont want the customer to end up with a logo that they don't even own full copyright to.

Thanks for your help.

Support New Type Design Project


Hello all! I recently launched a new font design project on Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/59648831/uniform-a-revolutionary-new...

The font is a geometric sans serif type family, but what makes it unique is that the condensed weights are straight-sided, not squished ovals like all other geometric type families out there.

Please pass the word along to your designer/type loving friends! I really want to be able to create this cool new typeface but without the funding there is no way I will have the free time to work on it.


Richard Miller
Miller Type Foundry

"Practice" T-Shirt Lettering & Quillustration


Hey y'all,

I had the pleasure of having a piece of lettering and illustration accepted to the newly formed, designer-driven, profit sharing t-shirt company Cotton Bureau. I have two more days to achieve 3 more pre-orders, or nobody gets to sport my intricately crafted design. Would love to see this go to print and worn with pride, I'm not sure why I didn't think to post this here earlier. Here's the link: https://cottonbureau.com/products/practice

Seeking typographer to finish my typeface


I´ve started a quite interesting project on a font face that I´ve called "Drops", but I´m not skilled enough to
set the font as a working type face. It´s also not quite finished, so I´m looking for someone who´s interested in
finishing it for me.
You will be appointed as collaberative founder, and you will get paid by me if you can do the job right :)
Here´s a sample, let me know if you´re interested and I´ll show you the whole story...


Swiss 721

Hi guys! I'm new here and need some answers. i'm in the final semestre of my design course, and I'm doing the final graphic project. For my project, I must develop a new fashion brand and for this brand I need make a visual identity. Well, to do this visual identity I'm thinking use the font Swiss 721 family. That's my question...would be Swiss 721 family a good font for impression and graphics stuffs?? And if someone can tell me something about Swiss 721 history, designer, criation.... Thanks for now...


type help


I'm a student in college and I'm trying to figure what kinds of fonts I could use with this image.
I want to use three or two fonts that compliment this image. Im going for a 1950 look.
Thank you
any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Logo reveal & critique - Red Courgette

Hi Guys,

I don't actually use this forum like I should be because I'm not a typographer by any means but it's a brilliant resource for getting advice on type related design (lets admit it, 90% of it is type) and you guys are pros when it comes to whitespace and composition. I try to throw my opinion in when its suitable and helpful.

Today I thought I'd post a completed job for it to be torn apart and learn me something.
Red Courgette is a client of mine headed by an over-qualified chef. She's done the rounds of restaurants and world travel and has decided to dig into the catering pie to deliver her delicious goods with credits in the right places.

Newbie Type Enthusiast


Hi all. This will be my first post on Typophile. I am very much interested in learning more about type design and it is my ultimate goal to design a few of my own. I already have some ideas floating around my sketchbook. Can anybody offer me some advice on how/where to begin. Also, what are some good resources (books, websites, etc.)? I am studying GD in school at the moment but none of my professors have ever designed their own typeface. Thanks!

Creating a script typeface from hand writing


I want to create a typeface (OTF) based upon the handwriting of my Grandmother. She has beautiful handwriting. What I am wondering is if there is some resource out there outlining a list of particular words or a paragraph, that I should have her write in order to understand the relationship between specific letters (i.e. ss, th, tt, ing, etc.). My thought is that there may be a paragraph (or more) of text that she can write down and that I can study in order to learn and create the typeface. Any insight on how I might go about starting this would be great! Thanks!