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MyType Time Clock App

Introducing Mytype time. Every minute get a new image in this fun clock.

typotherapy+design put on a show of eye-popping type-based posters called MyType. The show featured posters of original typefaces designed by creative director Noël Nanton. The limited-edition posters reflecting his own, very new take on classic modernist typography.

Download it for free.


Great typography in business documents


Hi, hi, thrice hi.

New member here, and my first post so here goes. I can find any number of articles about generic typography subjects such as terminology, basics about serifs v sans serifs and the like, and then again I can find lots of detailed tutorials about using software like InDesign, but I can't find any good resources about the combination of typography as applied in document design.

Put another way, I'd be very interested in seeing some examples, guidelines, rules of thumb etc. specifically relating to the design of business documents that are readable and functional but a step away from the dreaded Micro$oft Word template sort of documents.

Type stolen and lost the first stage of trial (please help)

Hello to everyone, i'm a graphic spanish designer.

Recently I knew the judgement of my personal trial with Renault, a famous french car brand, who did an spanish and south-american advertising campaign with some caracters with a typeface that it was entirely developed by me.

Now the process is that my lawyer, specialist in intelectual property, and me are creating the apellation text to try change the judgement (other judge).

Bree, I love her poster


Talented brazilian designer Marina Chaccur designed this beautiful poster featuring Bree, the successful award-winning typeface published in 2008 by TypeTogether. This is the second poster in a series of collectibles we will make available through our website. Posters will be rolled and shipped by snail mail in a tube. (44×70cm, two-colour offset print over Munken Lynx 130gr paper. Price including shipping: €10.00)

Learn more: http://www.type-together.com/index.php?action=carro/getMerchandising_3

New release: Skolar Cyrillic


Skolar Cyrillic

David Brezina's successful type family Skolar has been expanded with a full Cyrillic character set. It supports 32 languages using Cyrillic script, besides most of the Slavic languages, many Asian and non-Slavic languages are covered too. It also supports Serbian italic alternates and “new” Bulgarian stylistics. Skolar Cyrillic has been designed as a close complement to Latin with the help of the experienced designer and consultant Alexandra Korolkova, and it has already earned its first awards at Modern Cyrillic 2009 and Granshan 2009.

read more http://www.type-together.com/Skolar

The WinSoft Arabic Typography Contest

The WinSoft International marketing team would like to share the news of the winners in the WinSoft Arabic Typography Contest, which were announced at the Adobe Beach Bash May 8 in Dubai.

The WinSoft Arabic Typography Contest invited contestants to illustrate, in text, their vision of a world where a dialogue between cultures is both natural and enriching. The theme of the contest was collaboration and communication, inline with UNESCO’s theme for 2010, the Rapprochement Between Cultures. Contestants needed to use InDesign ME, Tasmeem and at least one Tasmeem font to create their design, and the designs needed to respect the theme of the contest. We were delighted to see the wide diversity of styles in the more than 70 designs submitted.

The Winners...

FONT interview


The newly redesigned, by Marek Pistora, Czech magazine FONT invited José and Veronika to speak amongst other things about their beginnings, influences, approach to design and way of collaboration. The well designed four-page interview also shows some samples of our typefaces in use, such as in various newspapers and books.


Hello !

I think fonts softwares offer a great opportunity to produce "more" than types for the client. The project below, Brouniak, is the third for which i used FontLab to create symbols the client can use in classical office softwares to get : vectorial logotype, vectorial backgrounds, vectorial pictograms, etc.

For Brouniak, i've created a special font, with the logotype instead of letters and dots instead of numbers : the client can use a vectorial logotype on documents he creates under OpenOffice, and the clock of his computer generate dotted random backgrounds (i've used the "insert date/hours" function to do that).

You can read (in french) the full project here : http://www.punkat.com

1. Logotype and font:

Lletres de Barcelona

Pilar Cano's beautiful typeface Edita, is taking part in the type exhibition "Lletres de Barcelona", open from the 19th to the 30th April in Amiens, France. The exhibition is organised by Sébastien Morlighem and the ÉSAD (école supérieure d'art et de design d'Amiens), showing the work of various established Spanish type designers, including Andreu Balius and Laura Meseguer.


Custom Type | Karmina Display

This display version of Karmina Regular was developed for a particular client with a specific set of requirements in mind. The client is using the full Karmina family for all their communication materials and needed a version for large size applications, as big as billboards. They liked the sturdiness and low contrast of Karmina and didn't want to loose those features too much in the display version. After several presentations and more extreme variants, we nailed the design. The contrast is rather low for a display version, but the overall feel of the typeface is elegant, slim and yet sturdy enough. Both parties are very happy with the result and we look forward to see some applications.

Justifying justification



I'm a graphic design student researching justified text, and wondered if anybody knew of some examples of brilliant (or terrible!) justified text? Previous forums have discussed whether it's a good idea or not, but I'm really looking for real examples of successful justification (possibly including pre-computers and pre-type, as one forum entry mentioned manuscripts written by monks). If anybody could recommend some books too, that'd be great.


Designing "S"


Hi, I am new to typophile but I do have an issue that has been killing me. I am designing a typeface almost ready to be screen printed. However, the letter "S" has been killing me! Any tips, tricks, or some sort of dark magic to conjure a good "S." Any sort of help would be neat-oh.

Abril in Progress


Abril, the new typeface by Veronika Burian and José Scaglione is on the way. It is a font family engineered mainly for newspapers and magazines that features friendly and elegant styles for headlines and robust and economic styles for text. For the first time ever, we will be posting images showing the progress of the develoment of a font family. So stay connected to our Flickr group!


Protocol for dealing with communication design clients.

Hi guys,

I recently started working as a freelancer and have started taking on a few jobs. I was wondering what the protocol you all had for dealing with clients. I usually start with an insanely detailed design brief that highlights the project, the deliverables, timeline, schedule, deadlines, the prerequisite materials being handed over, examples of what to do, examples of what NOT to do etc. I've been trying to leave as little ambiguity in the air before starting a project. Is this correct? can you think of any books or resources i ought to reference?


How do you usually bill clients? Hourly? Standard rate dependent on product etc?

Utterly confused,

need help!

Hi there,

I am in need of some serious help with my font. I have already designed it, and when I go and and export it into FontLab, everything gets messed up. Does anyone know of a company or a freelance typeographer that can help me out? MyFonts have already set up an foundry, and I didn't realize it would be this difficult. If anyone can lead me in the right direction, that would be great!

Thank you,