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Lucida Sans Unicode

Lucida Sans vs Lucida Sans Unicode

Hi Everyone. I'm a bit confused with Lucida Sans.
Recently I picked that font for a client, and I am not sure of the difference between Lucida Sans, Lucida Grande and Lucida Sans Unicode in a function sort of way.
Is it necessary that I tell my client to use one font if he uses a PC (Sans Unicode) or a mac (Grande)?

Lucida Sans Unicode in a Chinese operating system for Windows

It will be good when Chinese operating systems of Windows may have Lucida Sans Unicode font-linked to SimSun and MingLiU.

For example, when an Chinese operating version of Windows was running, and if you type 地址簿同歩

and 元 pronounced as もと for Japanese, then the text was displayed as MS UI Gothic. If the font has added font linkings to SimSun and PMingLiU, and then the system was restarted, it may be done.