Hi everybody,

I'm trying to find some authentic (as possible) digitised versions of historical English sans serif typefaces.

Along the lines of: Caslon Sans, Figgins, Johnston etc.

I've been trawling the forums and it seems like Caslon Sans is difficult to get hold of/has a strange license (I might be wrong). The one I've seen which I really like is John Morgan's version.

I've looked at Figgins, and as beautiful as it is, it is a little 'bulky', for want of a better word, for my use.

My knowledge of type history is patchy and ill-informed at best so forgive my vagueness!

I'm looking for something along the lines of a sans serif that could have been used on an English shop from an unspecified time 'back in the day', with a bit of quirk and character.

From a great Berlin exhibition that revolves around the Whole Earth Catalog and its impact. It looks a lot like Nick Shinn's Figgins Sans to me, but it's different in some (obvious) details: ascender-to-cap ratio, the t, the, r, the f... Maybe custom modifications?

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