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hand drawn

I'm a novice and would love some feedback


Hello all,

I'm new here and I'm also new to type design. Having said that, I've been drawing type since I was a child and eventually grew up a little and became a graphic designer along the way. My hobby is now taking a serious turn as it's about time I tried to share and even sell my typeface designs. My first attempt was a hand drawn, all caps, neoclassical serif face that I named 'Carrig'. Carrig being the Irish word for 'rock' (I'm based in Ireland) and the typeface itself was strongly influenced by classic letterforms carved into stone and weathered by time.

So, now I am developing Carrig into a full family and here, with the Roman weight, I have drawn a full set of lowercase characters to suit the style of their uppercase parents.

Rolo Candy Font

I am doing a class project for Rolo candy, a counter top Point of Purchase display. I have not been able to find a "Rolo" font and I fear that because the product was created so long ago, that the lettering was hand drawn. Is there a Rolo font, or something very close to it. I would prefer free - I am a struggling student - free is always good!

Greater Albion Launches Flapper


Greater Albion has just launched Flapper, a family of four faces on Fontspring and Myfonts.com.

Flapper is family which embodies a great deal of fun and more than a little spirit of the roaring 20s. If ever a set of typefaces could dance a high kicking Charleston, these are they. Flapper is offered in regular, condensed, oblique and outline forms, and they all bring a great deal of fun and life wherever they are used. The Flapper family (yes, think of one of those dancing 20s girls with a long string of pearls...) is ideal for casual heading, bold captions, poster work and anywhere else a sense of fun is required.

Help ID this Roman serif font

Please help id this font for me

I believe that it is hand drawn, I have a feeling that it is out there or something that is very close to this.

I have the following letters

AL: http://www.scholarlytype.com/its/al.jpg

GH: http://www.scholarlytype.com/its/gh.jpg

z: http://www.scholarlytype.com/its/z.jpg

i: http://www.scholarlytype.com/its/i.jpg

Thanks so much for looking.


Hi there, I'm designing an album sleeve and am looking to use a typeface which is inspired by the artwork of Jean Michel Basquiat. I was just wondering if anyone could suggest any hand drawn style fonts that references his work or suggest any sites worth searching? Thanks alot! B

Need a Hand Lettered San Serif Font for Historic Map


I am not a graphic designer here... So I was hoping to ask for help from the experts!

This isn't so much as an font identification question, but a request for a font recommendation. I've been able to trace this image in Illustrator for use in a 15' map graphic that will be inscribed in granite. I like the historic handwritten look of the lettering. However but when I trace the text the font shapes look terrible. I've been thinking about replacing the text outlines with an actual font, which would save me from having to shape the curves to something pleasing to the eye?

Do you have any recommendations? Map was drawn in 1850.


Self Branding Sketches

So I'm doing another logo for myself and want to create a brand that reflects the hand drawn or hand made quality of my design work. I like hand drawn typography but also screen print and sew occasionally. For the logo I want it to be like a humble seal of quality. My last name is Hagadorn so I plan on putting my name around or under the mark.

This is an early-ish sketch, let me know what you think.