Music thats encapsulates Perpetua

Hello my fellow Typophilians.

I posted earlier about what Eric Gill's 'Perpetua' springs into mind
Ive come up with the following general descriptions: classic, light, elegant and somewhat non-specific. If there are any other words that spring to mind please share.

I'm having a little trouble thinking of possible songs, instrumental versions or music in general that encapsulates these attributes. It's for a 30sec animation on After Effects I'm creating.

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks (album typography blog)

Recently a blog - Rock That Font - has come along that covers two things that I'm a fan of, typography and great music. The blog consists of essays by resident and guest contributors covering the typography and other design elements of various beloved albums.

Participants in (and readers of) the 2008 Typophile thread concerning Joy Division's Closer font should be interested to see how it informed this post by guest contributor David Shaw, originally published in his own blog.

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Monogram Logo for Musician

I am working on a monogram style logo for a musician, and would like some comments to help me refine the lockup. The musician plays trumpet and also some other instruments, and is classically trained. He performs and teaches in classical and jazz improvisation styles. I wanted the mark to capture the elegance and sophistication of the music, and also fit in with something like a University setting. I am happy with the concept but the typography seems to be where I am having the most questions, but feel free to comment on any of it. Here is where I am with it so far:

Jan Middendorp

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Jan Middendorp is a Dutch page maker and type writer, living in Berlin, Germany.
He was a literature and theater critic, DJ and b-2-b copywriter before that.
First type interviews: Rudy Vanderlans (1987, de Volkskrant, NL), Neville Brody (1988, MAN Magazine, NL).

Moving Minds (1999)
Lettered (about Clotilde Olyff, 2000)
Ha, daar gaat er een van mij! Graphic design in The Hague since 1945 (2002)
Dutch Type (2004)
ARK/ABC (about and with René Knip, 2004)
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Area 2 (co-curator, 2008)
TypeBookTwo – Jeremy Tankard (contributor, 2008)
José Mendoza y Almeida (foreword, translations, 2010)
Playul Type 2 (co-author, 2010)