nineteenth century

Looking for this one also,
It's French too -- but printed a bit later, 1936 -- Edition et Libraire Henri Bazain. Paris.
Used for Poetry


I am looking for this typeface.. It's French.. contemporary to Didot.. special characteristic is the lowercase g.
If anyone has ever seen it before somewhere, please tell me.

Trying to ID the very condensed serif face with slab ends (not slab serifs - I'm not sure 'slab' is the correct term). The sample in the image is ALL the letters and numbers used in this face on the counters for this game: C, I, 1, 2, 3, 4. The 2 looks very distinctive, though. I tried Identifont, but it doesn't suggest anything with those slab ends to the 3 and top of the 2 - only Bodoni and relatives with ball-ends.

Not much to go on, but any help is appreciated!


So I'm looking for logo work circa 1870-1900 which has a narrow letter and a wide letter stacked on top of each other. (see small image below)

I'm interested in specifically this style as well as general type work from this era, if you guys know of anything off the top of your head that is related, I'd really like to see it! or a link to a previous thread, specific style names, etc..


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