At first I looked at this and thought, simple. That's either arial rounded, or possibly VAG round, maybe confortaa - but no - I've been searching this for over an hour and find very close fonts but not quite. I am beginning to think maybe the original designer drew this.

Can you identify it? It's only shown in lower case, and notice how the "m" and "u" do not have an upright. Always a single path. If anyone can help me identify this I would really appreciate it.


Hello, I'm hoping you can help me identify this modern geometric/grotesque used in's online ads. It looks to me like a hybrid of DIN and Univers.

Hi all — Any help with this is appreciated. I am trying to ID the typeface used for "Freeman Sporting Club's" wordmark. I believe it may be a modified version of "Decima" - ... almost like certain crossbars have been lowered/raised, and it's corners have overall been rounded a bit.

Here is a link to "FSC's" website for a specimen.


Hi type brains, I found this typeface at an exhibition and am not sure what it is? Take a look, I really like the lower case 'g'

When merely "extended" just would not do, here is Paragraph Stretch™: a super extended or elongated geometric display typeface. It is a modular unicase typeface: the capitals and lower case fit the same height and width, so they are interchangeable: fancy a round "W" in all caps? Use the lower case. Want a straight "x" in lower case? Use the cap. And so on. Designed for use at larger sizes for logotypes, short titles or headings. It supports Western plus Nordic, Eastern European and Turkish languages.

Available from MyFonts.

this looks like something they might have put together themselves at casco... any similar suggestions?

I need help finding this font.

I think it is called "Air Force", and there is a maple leaf glyph, so it is probably somehow associated with the Canadian Air Force.

However, I can't seem to find anywhere to buy it online.
Searching for fonts with the keyword "air force" results in stencil fonts and airplane icons.

Any help?

Dear all,

I came across this wired typefaces and don`t have anything in mind that comes close to it.
I guess it is a custom made font – but i'm also interested in anything going in that direction! Thanks for your tips!


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Nice Geometric Sans

hey guys. I saw this this morning and am in love with it. Any ideas what it is?

New Release: GT Walsheim

In its heart GT Walsheim is a geometric grotesk, but it also has a certain handmade roughness engrained in its design. Based on custom typography by Otto Baumberger for multiple lithography posters from the early 20th century, Walsheim is suitable both for display and for text use.

In the past year or so, I've seen this one geometric typeface pop up in (I think!) at least three applications, all in billboard ads or public transport ads. I always notice it by subconciously thinking "what's wrong with that Futura?" and then seeing that it's a different typeface entirely - square tittles, less elegant, tighter-spaced, very different /t/ and /e/.

Any clues?

Can someone identify this headline font from wired magazine.

Can anybody identify this typeface?

I reckon its probably from Germany/Netherlands, perhaps early 20th century?

Anyways, it looks gorgeous, and I'd really appreciate your help,


The main image is a 1-bit scan from the logo that i received printed on a letterhead (or a business card) many years ago but i don't have the original anymore.

On the website of the company we can find only this small color image…

…that allows to guess that the baseline "Europe Matériel Maintenance" (that reminds Triplex) is in the same font than "EMM" (the M looks similar despite of its microscopical size) (it was more obvious on the printed document that i had). Unfortunately there is nowhere on the site any bigger logo.

This is off one of a series of industrial information posters from the communist era in Hungary that I bought in Budapest a few years ago. (The other posters have different typefaces, ranging from Gill Sans to Helvetica and a few more more-or-less interesting ones I can't identify, might post them later if there's interest.) The text reads: "do not touch the oxygen flasks with oily greasy hands". Design in Hungary was good but tended to change less with the times, therefore the very wide time range.

I've photographed, cropped, cleaned up and tried to straighten this as best I could, though it's still a bit warped. Whatthefont turns up nothing. Any ideas? Some of the letterforms are slightly awkward (especially the g) but overall I like it a lot.

I've been seeing a few similar styled typefaces lately. They seem to share a similar aesthetic of the single story 'a' and usually have a slight awkward quality to them. Do you think most of these are made by the designers or are there typefaces like this out there?

A few I know that are similar are Neuzeit Grotesk, Planeta, of course Futura

I really like the way the 'e' terminal is cut almost awkardly short in the top example.

Okay, so there's a good chance this is a custom typeface, but it's worth a shot.

I've looked into it, found some similar faces, but can't quite pin this one down.

Any thoughts?

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Din Alike Geometric Sans

Hello there,

Anyone recognizes this Geometric Sans? The "a" is very Din alike, but the characters are a bit more into the square form (look at the e).


Hi does anyone know what this font is. Had a good dig around the net and a couple of books and couldn't find a match. Looks like it's inspired by geometric fonts such as Futura or Avanta Garde Gothic Pro.

Hi there, anybody recognise this font? Thanks for your help


I spotted this typeface in a new FCUK campaign on the website.

It's quite odd here because the caps used in the Mens section is Gotham, but they're using a similar geometric sans for the the lowercase in the Womens section.

Any ideas what it is?

Retro-futuristic unicase with alternates and ligatures, specially designed for magazine headlines and cheerful logos.
Inspired by the art deco geometry and late 2000s trends in graphic design. Works well as text pattern.
It is better suited for large type sizes.

Promo video
PDF specimen

Free available on My fonts

Here are samples of Greater Albion Typefounders' latest two releases, which have just launched on and

Paragon is a display Roman family of nine faces, combining elements of formality and fun. It embodies a high degree of contrast between near hairline horizontal strokes and bold vertical strokes. The family is offered in three widths and in regular, small capitals and title faces. Use Paragon to lend impact to your next design project.

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