What free font do you think children prefer with serious reading difficulties (dyslexia, foreign language, low IQ, …). Children are from a Flemish Belgian primary school (Het Kompas, Gent), many non native speakers of Dutch (Roma, Turkish, Bulgarian). Most of them poor, some of them homeless, many abused or seriously neglected.
Preliminary indicative experiments and questioning point at Verdana > Source Sans > Roboto.
There is no budget and no possibility to prevent illegal copying.
Any help welcome.

Hey all! This font is on a business card I had made back in the day but I have gotten a new computer and the client wants a new business card but wants to keep the same font. I thought this font was Verdana but I obviously am wrong. I am not sure if I had altered the kerning or the spacing on this but I have forgotten what font I had used to make this font.

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Ikea Verdana in 3D

How does Ikea’s use of Verdana translate into three dimensions? Watch the YouTube video about Ikea’s catalogue app and judge for yourself. (Previously. Via [via].)

FF SCUBA, a readable contemporary sans, designed by Felix Braden @floodfonts, is now available at Fontshop. FF SCUBA instantly conquered Fontshop's most popular font charts! Download the complete FF SCUBA type specimen as a PDF file at Floodfonts

Creators of the Original Georgia and Verdana Fonts Collaborate to Expand their Versatility

Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc., a leading global provider of text imaging solutions, has released the Georgia® Pro and Verdana® Pro typeface families, available from Originally designed by Matthew Carter 15 years ago and adopted by every major computer operating system, Georgia and Verdana are now available as Pro families. Each comprises 20 weights and features advanced typographic capabilities and extended character sets.

Hi, I'm working on a multi-lingual project for the first time and have been asked to find out if there are any standardised web fonts for each of the following languages:

• Hindi
• Urdi
• Arabic
• Mandarin

Similar to what we have in fonts such as Verdana, Georgia, and...say it quietly....Arial.

Really appreciate any help from the members of the board who may have experience in this field of typography. Of course, and insights from speakers of those languages would be deeply appreciated, as well. :)

Many thanks in advance!

Ok, so it is that inevitable time in every brand's life when it must be made into a website.

In this case the printed materials would use Gotham Narrow as a body copy font. The question is, which is more like Gotham Narrow: Tahoma or Verdana, and why?

I have adjusted size and tracking to get all three into the same basic space and configuration. Please forgive any little issues.

I am eagerly awaiting interesting comparative notes. Thanks in advance!

April 1, 2010 - Redmond, WA - Construction workers stopped the excavation for building 1,629 at Microsoft's Redmond campus when crews uncovered a 44MB Syquest-brand storage cartridge packed with astonishing archival data.

Verdana and Georgia, two of the most widely used fonts found on nearly every computer in the world, appear to have had a sort of digital tryst during their years in storage and together produced a font called Verdorgia (see graphic).

The new Verdorgia font data seems to have been born through an unusual process called 'binary conception' and contains recognizable attributes from each of its well-known parents.

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Verdana Pro on its way

Mostly fleshing out more weights and condensed versions.

The price had gone up too! ;-)

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