Interest in type, typefaces, typography and fonts has grown far beyond the graphic design community, yet few truly understand how and why these vital components of design are created and applied. This exhibition, organized by Monotype and designed by Pentagram for the AIGA National Design Center, celebrates 100 years of type as a constant influence in the world around us.

Hey Everyone,

Trying to find a link to buy the engraving version of Century Bold — anyone know of a place?

Thanks in advance!
Ryan Mercer

My employer (a law firm) has adopted Century or Century Schoolbook for most documents I produce. (This is a result of a combination of style and very restrictive court rules.) I'd like to use a true small caps in those documents, but I can't find anywhere to buy a set with small caps in either font. Any tips? Thanks.

Hello everyone,

this is my first post here and i`m looking for the font(s) used on the cover.
I'm even not sure if the bigger one is that one for the details, too.

Thanks for any help or similar typefaces!


I'm considering using Century Schoolbook for a book project and looking into the Century type family has left me a bit confused..

Whilst going through samples of different 'Century Schoolbook's in use and what's available here at school, there seems to be stark differences between some of the different Century Schoolbooks I've found. I.e. Bitstrem Century Schoolbook compared to Monotype Century Schoolbook looks very different in continuous text.

Looking around at the Typowiki and Wikpiedia page on Century didn't help either. Any information on the different 'Century Schoolbook's would be appreciated. (i.e. What was actually improved on in New Century Schoolbook if that was the cause behind the design?)

This is pretty close to Century, but it's just a little off.

Any insight?

Darjeeling combines British Elegance and Indian Flavor. It is flared like Optima, with a scent of Bodoni. By layering “Regular” and “Ornaments” over each other you will create astounding pieces of colorful typography. Additionally there is “Regnaments” which combines the two other styles.

Darjeeling is great as a display font, but also perfectly legible at text sizes. Use the ornaments only to add spice to Your design.

Make sure to use applications supporting all these lavish OpenType features like small caps, various sets of figures, fractals and the 102 discretionary ligatures.

Darjeeling has been recently released at myfonts:

I’m designing a book (cover and inside) for a friend. It is WW2 shipwreck story, and the author really wants to emphasise authenticity. I thought using a font that was usual for newspapers in that era (at least for the cover, but maybe through the book as well) could be a way to convey this authenticity.

I have some scans of newspapers clippings which I put through WhatTheFont. (I’m a novice graphic designer, so my type history probably isn’t as good as it should be!). I don’t know how accurate WhatTheFont is, and maybe they don’t even exist in digital versions. Also, communication is the main goal here, so if I can find a good font that is close enough for the target audience to recognise it I would be happy with that as well.

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