typography in Europe in 1940s



I've been working on a project about fashion in France in 1940-44. It's supposed to look modern and contemporary, but still I want some kind of a subtle connection to the proper period.

During research I realized that while I have quite a definite idea on how the '30s, '50s or '60s typography looked, it's not that obvious with the '40s. Also it's more difficult to find examples of the '40s in typography, of course there are lots of movie titles, bit it's not Europe...
I assumed that in the middle of the World War II there wasn't too much space for designing new typefaces, so they probably used mainly what was designed earlier. But what about trends?

I know these were the times of hand lettering and brush scripts were popular, but it's not enough.

Need help identifying font on 1940s building

I need help identifying the font on a military building, constructed in early 1940s. The sign on the building was probably installed in 1941.
The first image is a historic photo of the building sign. The second photo shows the current state where the letters have been stripped from the wall. We plan on replacing the sign.


Font used on US VD Propaganda Poster, circa 1940

Hi, I've read the guidelines, but I apologize in advance if I'm doing some incorrectly. I'm trying to figure out the font used on this poster. Near as I can tell, it's the same font for all the text, save for "VDgraphic - 9" in the bottom left corner, which isn't important.

I've tried to identify this font myself, and I've tried using WhatTheFont! and Identifont, but, to no avail. The guide here also linked me to Type Navigator at typenav.fontshop.com, but that appears to be down.

Campo Grafico, Stille Industria, Artrosil and others

Dear all!

I’m doing a project for my MA in Communication at ESAD (Escola Superior de Artes e Design) in Porto, Portugal. The theme of the project is Italian Graphics during the period between 1930 and 1960. I need your help to try to identify some of the typefaces used in some of the publications (see attachments) that were printed at the time. Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards,
Ricardo Calabaça

(x) Headline from 1940s British Newspaper - ATF Century Bold {Mark S}

I’m designing a book (cover and inside) for a friend. It is WW2 shipwreck story, and the author really wants to emphasise authenticity. I thought using a font that was usual for newspapers in that era (at least for the cover, but maybe through the book as well) could be a way to convey this authenticity.

I have some scans of newspapers clippings which I put through WhatTheFont. (I’m a novice graphic designer, so my type history probably isn’t as good as it should be!). I don’t know how accurate WhatTheFont is, and maybe they don’t even exist in digital versions. Also, communication is the main goal here, so if I can find a good font that is close enough for the target audience to recognise it I would be happy with that as well.