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Beginner font packages comparison



I am a student, currently in the process of purchasing my first font pack. After doing some research on this forum I came across two particular options that seems to fit what I need

Adobe FontFolio Education Essentials,


the 1000 fonts from bitstream that are stored with CorelDraw Graphic Suite X5

now my question is which would be better for someone in my position?

Should I stick with the Adobe collection because of the versatility of it's collection, or get the CorelDraw fonts because of the vast immensity in the scale of what it offers? Which of the two would offer me a better ground as far as building up my skills, and collection from?

David Thometz Design, Jeremy Dooley & Timothy Lyle type designs featured in Knoxville News Sentinel

My David Thometz Design original digital typeface designs were spotlighted in an article by Allison Rupp in the Knoxville News Sentinel Monday, Feb. 28, along with the work of amazing fellow East Tennessee designers Jeremy Dooley of Chattanooga and Timothy Lyle of Knoxville:


David Thometz

David Thometz Design
987 Simerly Creek Rd
Hampton, TN 37658-3627
Twitter: CreativeDavidT
Facebook: David Thometz
Facebook Group: David Thometz Design

JSTOR's corporate typeface — what on earth is it and whence does it come?

Although this is, in part, a type ID question, I have posted it in general discussions because I would like to know more about this bizarre face than simply a name. On any PDFs downloaded from the JSTOR database, the name and copyright info appear in a distinctive and very amateur-looking typeface. Adobe Reader identifies it as CODE-2000 (TrueType). It is an unusually inconsistent font in many ways, as the attached pictures show. I am sure every typophile out there can pick out the idiosyncrasies for him- or herself. Does anyone know who deigned this face, or what its history entails?


(x) Typeface used in the book "Elementarteilchen" - DTL Documenta {Jan E}

Hi, I've been trying to figure out the name of this lovely Font shown below.
That's a scan of page 14 of "Elementarteilchen", english "Atomised" from Michel Houellebecq.
Seems to be a tricky font - no results with "What the font" or the like.

The "?" and the "ß" are strikingly.

Thanks a lot for the help!