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what typeface is this

I am woking on a logo. But need the type of the &
Do you know what this one is? seems an odd one to me...

This is how I do it:
I have a personal selection of typefaces of my liking that I keep in a folder (my "best").
I have imported this folder in a set in Font Explorer.
I have created an illustrator file containing a line for every different typeface, one after the other. I can use the function "find&replace" to change all the dummy text to my desired logo word.

How do you do that? Do you use something online like myfonts? Maybe you use your font manager and then you just activate the ones that might work?

The trick is to create a system that is fast, does note engulf the computer, and is portable (think about a freelancer who is often offsite, working in an agency).


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what typeface is this

I am pretty new to this forum. But I already really like it a lot.
Can anybody please tell me what typeface this is? I might want to use this for a project I am working on.
Cheers and many thanks

Received this request by email yesterday, tried my Myriad Pro Condensed, close, but no match:

thnx so much.
here is a sample of which we are trying to duplicate the font

I am very interested in finding out this typeface. Can anyone help me

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Font ID needed

This looks so familiar, but I can't identify it. Any ideas?

Some help getting an ID on the sans serif on this Sports Illustrated cover.


Hello! I'm doing a research and probably a project which the final "product" (only for academic purposes, I emphatize) would be a magazine in which design would be the main subject. I was thinking something in a similar square format as the new Creative Review (after the redesign).

I've looked typefaces such as Apex New, which is one of my favourite "squarish" sans-serifs. Chester Jenkins did an awesome job on that! The typeface is beautiful and it seems to work nicely on body text. (Klavika is beautiful, but I want to see something a little bit different and yet, with some "squarish" proportions)

The other one that seems to fit is "Leitura Sans", by Dino dos Santos for titles and body text.


I'm desperately seeking the name of this typeface.

It is used in some of the printed materials for T2 (the tea company) and is featured on the website for SAE Creative (http://www.saecreative.com.au/). Please forgive the subtleties in the attached images, this typeface is used for animated sections that fade in and out, so it is virtually impossible to screen-capture them with any clarity. Please see the link to the SAE Creative website to see the typeface in action. The 1 in particular is very distinctive (see contact page on the SAE website, or second attached image).

Would be so appreciative of any help.

Thanks so much!

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ZSL London Zoo Logo

Could anybody give me more information on the ZSL London Zoo logo design?
Especially the rounded letterforms with the animal shapes.
Such as who designed it and what typeface it is based on?

Hello everyone,
I've been working on a font for a while and I want to take it into a development program to become functional.
However, I want the shapes to be as refined as possible before offering it to the world.

Please be critical, I am taking all comments into consideration.

If you'd like a closer view of a letter or letters please ask and I can attach additional files for critiquing.

Thank you

What is your typical process when selecting a name for a typeface you're designing...

Hello All

A type freak with basic knowledge regarding arabic type design, needs your help. Which Latin font would you say would go nicely with this sample? I will upload the rest of the characters shortly.


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Natural and Pure type

A pure and natural typeface, in four weights, spring, summer, fall and winter.
More info: www.ateliervanwageningen.nl

Forza is Hoefler & Frere-Jones' terrific new family. A perfect broad shouldered companion to their recently released Vitesse (one of my favorite modern slabs) or strong on it's own. It was originally a font commissioned by Wired Magazine and I had wondered about the sans counterpart to Vitesse in the last issues I had picked up, but looks like Jonathan and Tobias new they had a solid one in the works. Allows the more discerning typographers/designers less forethought to matching Vitesse or other modern square slabs with a sans.


~ A

Hi everyone,

I was reading the last issue of the Monocle Magazine, and come across a set of numerals they are using in the section talking about the 25 best city worldwide. I can figure it out.
What typeface is that? The numerals are so nicely detailed and yet bold and classy.

Can anyone help?
If needed I can figure out a way to upload an img of the numerals.

Thank you very much

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Typography for fashion

Hello people I have a research project on Typography for fashion in which I have to understand the sector of typography in relation with their use in fashion. I need to get information regarding the trend in typography with regards to fashion trends. The design direction in the use of typefaces.

Kindly provide me with blogs and sites that can have a connection with what I need.


The typeface Guia by Tânia Raposo has been her final project at the type]media Master in The Hague. “Guia” is the Portuguese word for “Guide”. In this guest article on opentype.info, Tânia explains the development of her typeface:


I'm hoping you can help. A collegue of mine has been trying to find this font for quite some time. Google research seems to have turned up very little, but maybe some of you typophiles might know.

It's from the Famous Five TV show screened during the 70's, hopefully this image will help with identification.

Just for clarification, it's the "Famous Five" text rather than Enid's singnature :)

Thanks in Advance,


Hello all, long time lurker, first-time poster.

This scan (doctored, original in metallic silver over brown) is from a series of touristic brochures made in Italy no more than five years ago. I have to make a new one of those, but for the life of me cannot identify this font (and the original designer is proving extremely hard to get in touch with). What The Font has a hard time with it and brings to no conclusive results. The same goes with Identifont and fontshop's type navigator.

This is a promo typeface containing glyphs from 11 graduation projects of Type&Typography(A type design CPD programme in Moscow, Russia).

If you type in a name of a project you get a font logo.

Feel free to download this font and poster.

Released under SIL Open Font License (OFL)

Hi there,

I was wondering if i may have some assistance in a logo i am creating at the moment. I have licensed metroscript and would like to increase the contrast so the logo is scaleable and legible in small sizes.

So far i have filled the "O"'s counter, as well as the "A"'s to increase legibility, however I am still struggling to add contrast to the logo.

Are there any tips you might have?



With all the coverage of Lebron on tv lately there have been a ton of shots outside Madison Square Garden. All of the reporters seem to be in the same place and I couldn't help but notice the lettering on the awning behind them (pictured).

At first glance I thought this to be ITC Blair or Sackers Gothic Heavy but the G doesn't match up. Anybody have any idea whether this is actually a typeface or just a modification of one of the others?


Hi All,

I'm looking for a typeface to start a personal book cover design project with.

There is a Phaidon book titled "Cave Art," which is a beautiful book that is currently being sold with an ill thought-out dust jacket.

I'm hoping to make my own dust jacket for the book – at least it will look better on my shelf – and was hoping to get this community's opinions on an appropriate typeface to begin the redesign project with.

In Derek Birdsall's "Notes on Book Design," the author talks about a book he produced (also as a personal project) about human technology though history and pre-history. His take on hyphenating the word "technology" in the title seems to modernize the potentially stodginess of the all-caps display serif.

I have a rush job of making separations for screen printing that I took on as a favor and I'm not sure what typeface this is. I also don't want to have to take the time to pen tool it if I don't have to.

If possible, I'd like a starting point for "Sand Gnats." I've exhausted my font collection as well as a free site or two's script inventories with no luck.


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