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Prison sign

Could somebody please help me identify the font on this prison sign? The photo is not very good, but maybe there's still a chance. Thank you in advance!

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Sans I cant identify

Any idea??? Interesting sans serif. Any help appreciated

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Fox's Wayward Pines TV series

Hello everyone,
there's a new TV series with Matt Dillon called "Wayward Pines" using a pretty classy font.
Could you help me ID it? Here are the credits.

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1987 wooden sign

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Modern blackletter font

I inverted a screen shot of the title screen from Daniel Arsham’s video “Future Relic 01” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwAucixwlxc&spfreload=10 at 0:50) so that you could see it easier. The video was published December 16th, 2013. I'm not very font-savy, so the farthest I got with my research is that it looks kind of like the San Marco font, which brought me to the conclusion that it was some kind of modern blackletter font. Your help would be really appreciated!

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Font please

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help me to identify this font

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Font in video game not supporting Cyrilic?

Hello, I'm a new member on this site. I've tried to read as much as I can so I'm not doing something wrong when posting a font identification request. So bare me if I've messed something up.

I'm working on video game localization and run on this specific font which is not supported on cyrillic. To be more accurate... there are cinematic movies which are using this font. My goal is to find this font's location in game's configuration files and replace it with default font subtitles.

Thanks in advance!

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Which font is this cursive writing?

The closest I could find is this font: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/intellecta/indenture-english-penman/

but if you look closer the "W" is different and I'm looking for the "W" which is exactly like the one in the logo. The one that I found "Indenture English penman" has opposite thicker stroke and different bottom crotches of the "W" is different.

So any help are appreciated.

That is the title of my book.

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old pharmacy neon


Could anyone help ID the font(s) in the neon sign for this drug store?

Thank you very much!

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A little help, please ?

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Letter S is all I've got

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Off road suspension Company

Customer asked to design a decal for his jeep using this format, any help in identifying this would be great

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Girls overlay in the font

Honestly, trying to figure out what this font is, so I can purchase the font from the appropriate source and make a new sticker for my car. Current sticker is on my own car.

Hi everybody, here we are again: who knows what font is ? The only thing i know is that it's painted on the wall of this mechanic that asked to me to arrange a simple web site. Someone could help me please?

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D you know what is font of MyDubio

I attached the file above :D

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Do you know what is the font of Pandora?

Here it is :D

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CMT video fonts

What are these CMT video fonts? Can somebody help me with these? I can't find them. I am supposed to do these fonts on Sony Vegas Pro.

"Guy Clark":

"Tim Mensy"

"Steve Wariner"



"Video Director":

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Steve Wariner font

Somebody help me with this font.

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Video Director font

Somebody help me with this font.

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