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2x fonts - 1 x san serif - 1 x script

Good afternoon all!

I'm looking to ID the fonts used in this logo please - the 'canterbury' isn't so important - I'm pretty sure that something like Gotham will work.

The main thing is the script used for 'cathedral'.

Thanks in advance


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Any ideas?

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Really need to know this font

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please id this font from kitchen stories

as subject line

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Old German film font

I'm looking to identify the font used in "Berlin: a symphony of a Great City". This is a documentary film made in 1927 by Walter Ruttmann. I'm working on a video-art project with reference to the film. Any idea how to find such a font?

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Selena Gomez new album "for you" font

I really like the "G", please help. Thank you

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3 fonts to find

Please can you tell me the font! thank you!!

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GeNOME font..

Dear Team,

What font is this..GeNOME..

Thanks in advance.

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Used in Game CnC Generals

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What font is?

Please help me, thank you!!!

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Hello friends, I have a big doubt,
Why I can not do publications other sections?

for example:
Typography / Composition
Design Or Build

Are there any restrictions? or
My account has problem?

I get only a blank page with the following message
"Internal Server Error"

Can someone please help me ?, I appreciate it.

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please provide the font of the orbis.org

as subject line

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I need this font please

Need the font for "so we may live" thanks!!

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I need this font please

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Receipt font ID

used in POS receipts

Solved By: 
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Curious numeral 69

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Art Deco Font - help to identify it :)

Hi :)
Thanks in advance for your help in identifying this art-deco style font - it should be easy as I saw several times but I can't figure out what it is.

Canterbury Old Style
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i need know the name of this font

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help me to identify this font

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