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You are amazing

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Me again, this font is from a german album of an italian artist, the write says "Battisti".

May you help me, please?

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It's upper case for A is not straight

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A font at the Opera

Hello everyone, this is a font taken from a poster for an opera of 10s or 20s of the twentieth century.
Looking around the net the only one that seems to look like it's the Chienna, but it isn't.

May you help me please?


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IHD Written in the file

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card for bridal shop

looking for help identifying the font, especially the H

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Please help. Have huge order

Are some images... please apreciate your help. Thankx

Hi, please help me my friends.

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Identify or suggest Similar fonts Please

Please check the font image from the following link. Image is also attached.


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NERD logo

Does anyone know what font this is for the NERD logo?

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kayako font logo

Someone know the name of kayako font logo? ( https://my.kayako.com/__swift/files/file_6aignjwatn5upko.png )

Thank you

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What is this font?

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Any Ideas?

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Oculus movie poster

Hi everybody,

Does anyone know the names of the fonts used on this movie poster ?

I will be grateful for the help you could provide,


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sample from old computer

Please identify font

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Weird Numbers Font ID

"4R" is depicted in the image.
Any font close to this? I'm especially looking for a matching font for the number!

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Spam clutter

This is not a font ID request.
Just a humble supplication to our dear moderator to delete the flood of spam that has been cluttering the board in recent days.

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Can someone identify this font please

Can someone identify this font please. Thanks

Normande Italic
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This font?

wah is this font?

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What are the fonts used in this image?

Just as the title says...I need help.

Techno by Apple
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Please identify

Can someone identify this font please. Thanks

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