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Wine label typefaces

Hi all!

While doing research for the redesign of a visual identity I found this old wine label, and I’m interested to know which typefaces are used. Can anyone identify them?

Many thanks.
Ricardo Calabaça

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Please help find the font

Hello! Huge please help to find this font. Used for the logo of their web design studio and after the change of the operating system has lost it. Find does not work.

Please see file attached below.
Specifically the top line that reads "Stillwater"
It looks rather '70s to me but I have looked through sever 100 on-line fonts and have not found it.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Making X-mas present need help with font

Trying to figure the font used on the jersey in the picture.


Need help with finding out which font this is!

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SOPHIE (PC Music) fonts

There're two or three fonts as I can see. I'm intrested in all of them.

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New one, anyone?

Thanks in advance!

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Used by Archigram in the 60's

Need to know all these typographies
Thanks a lot

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Help with this one pelase

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Christmas Party

Can someone id this one? Thank you.

sirs from typophile
Im writing to this email because I trust that you will be able to help me.
I work in the arts and I know that there are few stylised fonts
…the aquiline the zapfino…
But I have come across a film with a truly unique and beautiful font, this is why I come to you for help.
I am just like you, an arts lover.
What Im looking for is seen on the film moliere 2007
Im sending you a JPG of the part of the film where I found this font, which Im hoping you can help me name. I know the font that comes when they name the actors (aquiline two)
but in the other images, the ones that say paris 1645 and moliere at the beginning and at the end of the film. That is the font I need, please tell me what the name of it is.
I look forward to your help.


Looking for this font I need it for an engraving project I like how the lines are nice and thick

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Help me to identify this font

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1940's Watterson Radio dialplate

Hi everyone!
I'm trying to identify what font(s) were used on this dial plate for a Watterson Radio that my dad is working on restoring, and having a hard time pinning down the exact font. It seemed similar to Futura with a few differences here and there. The radio was produced around the 1940's before the US entered World War II, so there weren't many of them made:

I have the dial plate scanned if that helps out with identifying what font(s) was used on it. You can click on the image to see its full size:

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What font is this?

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need help with identifying this font

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help me to identify this font, please

Angel of blood
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help me to identify this font

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christmas Coca Cola

Hi, Any idea about this font ?
Any help is much appreciated and thanks for the time!

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Blog Header - Unsure of Fonts used

I have this blog header the was made several years ago and now I can't for the life of me remember what fonts were used. I am hoping to make some updates to it but would like to use the same fonts, or something very close to it. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Please help with this arabic font

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Help me find this font?

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Please help me to identify this font

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