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The Gruffalo Typeface

Does anyone know if it is possible to find the font created for this book, if it's for sale ? Or/And if someone has re-created one inspired by it ?

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Font for watermark

Looking for this specific font to make a watermark. The text is AlphaMack but the font of the watermark I don't know. Like it because it is discrete. Hope that you can help me!

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logo Doolittle Café

Hi Champs,

Do you have an idea about the font used for this logo? Similar to Signalist.

Thx for your knowledge, your reactivity, your kindness...

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Dollar plus font?

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Can anyone help with all these fonts?

Can anyone help with all these fonts?

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What font is?

Please Help me. Thank you very much!

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Font used for wedding event agency

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Some font of old printers

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I'm not sure where it would fall

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What is this font?

Hey guys.. anybody knows this one? Thanks :)

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Dani's House Logo

The logo of the CBBC Programme Dani's House. Please Help!!!

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Looking for something similar

Hi there!
I would like to hear if anyone know of a free similar font to Cookies and Cream since I've already spent too much money on fonts this month LOL.
Thanks a lot!

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Font of a Spanish brand called "Cacaolat"

This brand is popular in Spain, especially on the notheast. It's a brand about cacao milkshakes.

Here i have some images of the main logo:

And there is one with the brand emblem, a boy with a bottle and a bag:

Thank you all, guys!

You are right, guys. It's a similar variant of the "Coca-Cola" font.
On the "kthomps5" links you can find Coca-Cola font is a combination of "American Pop One" and "American Pop Two".
In my case, Cacaolat is only American Pop One, corresponding at the "Coca" from "Coca-Cola", so the font has been found.
Thank you all, and thank you kthomps5 for the links!

American Pop One
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Fancy Font with elegant follower

I have a client that want me to mimic this logo. I am having a hard time finding a font like the leading " V "

can some one please help me?

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Quirky font

Can someone identify the fonts used in this image mainly the font for the words Planet & Uni but if possible the other words tooo please

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Brushy & gawky yet stylish font

I see this kind of font a lot lately, I'm wondering what are their names …

Looks like it's been made with ink/paint cos it isn't regular but rather quirky and unbalanced !

Does anyone knows ?

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hi i was looking at T.I. new album Paperwork and His name which is circled in the red i was wondering what font is this??

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Can anyone help with these?

Can anyone help with these?

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Which fonts are this ?

I want to know all this fonts

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