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Do you know this font?


i need to know this font.
Can you help me?


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Credits from "New Girl"

Hi everyone,
would one of you geniuses know what this font is?
It's from the "New Girl" TV series and it looks pretty basic.


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drudgereport headline font

Hi everyone / font experts,

Would really appreciate help identifying the font that is used for the drudge report headline graphic (see: www.drudgereport.com). Or see attached graphic.

Thanks in advance for any help on this!

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Font for a band. I'm sorry

Birth Of A Hero by Segments Design FKA Last Soundtrack
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Need help identifying this font

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This is the Title of an album cover


I found this album cover online.

I want to add text for my own personal use.

Can anyone identify this ?



(Please excuse the previous error)


I want to add additional information to the album cover that I took this font from.

It will be for my own personal use.



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Military dog tag font

I have been trying to find anything reasonably similar to the font used by dog tag military embossing machines for days now. The font itself must be lighter than the embossed result. Answering Identifont's questionnaire i says that Briem Mono, Century Schoolbook Monospace or Computer Modern Teletype (CMTT10) are a good match, but I do not agree. Particularly letters O, G, Q and C are different, for example, the O on a dog tag looks like an athletics race track.

Does anyone know what font this is?

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Ballantine's brand logo

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identify the font??

i used two fonts...

tell me the font name of "Ashes" and "pay back tym for visitors"

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identify the font??

Hi there,

I'm assuming this is custom but am wondering if there are any fonts out there with similar characteristics that you may be able to recommend?

Thanks so much in advance.

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What font is this?

I thought it was Open Sans, but it wasn't.

Many thanks!

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Steel Custom Font

Steel font pleace. Thanks for the help :)

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Alpha Chi patch

Can anybody help me ID the font used for Alpha Chi?

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Credits from "Under The Dome"

Hello everyone!
I'm looking for this font from the credits of "Under The Dome"...
Thanks for your help!

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Design Firm OUT of Business!

This is the logo of a customer of mine. The design firm that created the logo only provided it to them in vector art and now they are out of business. We are trying to typeset to match and I am having ZERO luck trying to figure it out. Hope someone here can help!

Thank you in advance!

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ID-document font

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Digital font...

Trying to identify this techno font. Any help would be much appreciated.


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C.O. Bigelow typewriter font

I am looking for your help to identify the typewriter typeface used by C.O. Bigelow products as per examples

As there are many typewriter fonts I was wondering which is the one they use!
Thanks in advance

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Little Jewel - Stylized Bold

I know the L and W are stylized, but the rest looks so familiar to me that I keep thinking I should know it. Can someone help. I just need a starting point on this re-creation. (I used to be much better at this)

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a semi-serif a semi-sans???

FS Lola Bold
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