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Japanese license plates font

Hello! Please let me know what the font used in Japanese License plates. I attached photo to easy and simple review.

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it is a logo

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it is a logo


Made an image with this font ages ago. Cannot for the life of me remember what it's called.

Mason Serif Bold
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Space font

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1980s Boxy Font - Very Intersting

Would anybody be able to ID this font or a similar font to the "LOCALS ONLY" text seen here:



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Font with a LOOOPY "W".

I have been looking EVERYWHERE for this font and just can't find it.
It is the font with the loppy W in "weekend" or "whale"
I contacted a couple of people on Etsy who use it on their products and 1 hasn't responded yet and the other said, "I don't share fonts". So that made me even more determined to find it! :)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Wish I Were Taller
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Rock band font from shirt

So, I have this shirt, and its idea is to have the name of classical musicians on famous rock band fonts.

I'm a big rock fan, and I can easily recognize Iron Maiden's (Mozart), AC/DC's (Bach) and Kiss's (Stravinsky) fonts, but... I really can't recognize the one they used for Beethoven.

I thought it was just me and my lack of knowledge on band fonts, but then I published the font on facebook and none of my friends (or their friends, or their friend's friends) could recognize it. And now, it became no longer just about finding out the band, but almost a matter of honor (that, and I'm not really comfortable wearing a shirt with a font advertising a band I don't recognize =/).

1001 Head Font Font
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Font for our Logo

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Facebook comic font

Facebook comic's font with accents, lower and uppercase letters.

More samples on the comic's facebook page:

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Trying to find the font for this airplanes N number. All help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!!


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Decorative 'Gears' font

Just the font for "Comrie Kaya".
Thank you!!

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Bradley Hand ITC Std (Bold)
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Futuristic squared font

Just a typo to create a person logo, they like it but can't fin it.


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Please help mee!

Please can someone help me??

I need to know what font is this.

Thanks !!

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Basketball Team Logo

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Help with a logo font please

Any hello would be appreciated :)

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Lean and mean

Looking to identify the font used in this vintage milk bottle cap. This was my fathers family dairy farm. My guess at age is 40's or 50's - but the dairy operated from the 1910's grumpy the 1970's so it is hard to say for sure. Any help would be appreciated!

Sorry - could not figure out how to get image into original post! It is attached.

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Another boat transom

I am looking for this font or something very similar. So far I have not been able to identify it.
Thank you for any help.

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