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High Height, Display Serif Serpentine-alike

The image says DRAGONES (&) OLAS ALTAS MC, which translates to Dragons & High Waves MC.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

MCF Zelfis
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Apartment Complex Logo

I'm actually looking for both of the fonts in this logo. The bottom one might be Futura?

You guys rock. Thanks.

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i need to find the font...

i can't find it in none site!!
help me please

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Logo / Image created with text.

Looks like this logo was created in an image editing program.

Is it possible to determine the font? Image can be found on thirdparent.com

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Unknown Font Used in Promo

I would like help identifying this font please. I am not certain what it is.

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can i kniw the font on my image

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Cursive Font

Hey Everyone, if anyone could help identifying any of these fonts that would be greatly appreciated! Also, if you have any suggestion I'm all ears! ;)

Again, thank you so much!

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Fairly Basic Rounded Font


A client of mine wants a recreation of a previous design he made. However, he does not know what font he used. It would be much appreciated if anyone could identify it for me. Thanks!

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Old Mississippi State football wordmark

Hello. Can anyone guess a font that's very close to the following image (specifically referring to "MISS. STATE")?

All I know is that the wordmark was a font/typeface formerly used by Mississippi State University back in the mid/late-90s to the early-2000s. Thanks in advance.

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What font is this? Tx!

What font is this? its fixed, wide, rounded

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cake business card

I attach a file of the businesscard. Would very much like to know the font.

Best regards

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Please! Can someone identify this font?

Thank you in advance!

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Please Help

Please can someone identify this font..

Thank you in advance!

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consulting firm

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What font is this?

Please help me.

Fjalla One
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What font is this??

This is the logo of a new client, regrettingly he does not have a vector format logo or either the font, i vaguely recall this font but i don't remember the name, if someone can point me in any direction will be greatly appreciated.



Do you know the font "New York City" font in the Brooklyn soap company logo? :) I have searched about it but couldn't find out any information.

Thank you in advanced!

Blessed Day
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Retro multi-line typeface?

Unsure from where this came or what it is, would love to know any more information about it

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Hi friends

Please help me ID those fonts used for BITEL bubble

Thanks in advance


I bought this image as an EPS file. I don't understand why I can't edit these texts as text object in Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.

This entire EPS logo is fragmented in very small pieces, for example, the letter "Y" is not a single object but a lot of pieces of objects, so, I can't make changes on this logo.

It has no font information.

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Favicon Image

Hello, I used a free favicon generator for the favicon on my profile site - itguyjosh.com - but I forgot to note down the font that I used in creating it. I would like to use the font in more logos/banners, but I have no idea what it could be. I've tried WTF, but none of the suggestions look right to me. I've attached the favicon as a png and appreciate any advice.


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