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Font on the album cover

Please help me identify the font

thanks in advance)))

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Hello everyone, I'm doing the design of a book and my client wants this font for the title. Someone could help me and tell me the name of this font? thank you very much

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Trying to figure out what typeface the "G" is. Also, "MUSIC" is very close to Times New Roman but seems to be slightly different. Any bit helps. Thanks!

text was printed on a shirt, no idea where it came from but looks very familiar

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I need the two fonts, many thanks.

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Open Face or Shadow the word YOUR

Is the word YOUR in this sample even a font? Thanks!!

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Engraved Bricks


I once again am stuck and cannot figure out what font this is on these engraved bricks.

Since I had so much success last time using this site I figured I would give it a shot again.

Thanks Again for any input.

Dear Typophile community,

Many thanks for your help on this.

This font was used a lot in French TV programs in the 1980s - this is a kind of cross between Bauhaus 93 and ITC Busorama.

Here's an example in the opening titles of a famous Children's program (from 00:05)


I have also posted some screenshots

Looking forward to your answers!


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40 year old ship name font

Looking for something that comes very close.

Thanks as always!

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Roman Reigns t-shirt fonts?

There is almost 2 fonts "Roman Reigns" "One All" and im not sure if "VERSUS" its a font so if you know it too, please mention it, Help its really apreciatte it :)

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saucy postcard 'hand drawn' typeface

Hi, this is cleary handrawn but I wondered if anyone could recommend a similar typeface to recreate the 'saucy postcard' look and feel to go with some artwork I have commisioned - ideally with variations on characters for authenticity

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Decrotive, handwritting, chalkboard

I'd like to know what the font used to spell out The Lumineers

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Bitmap font

Whats the bitmap font used for credits in the PS 7 splash screen (inside red box in picture)

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handwriting sample font

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Can anyone help???

Im trying to locate the fonts in this logo. I since have had no luck. Please help!!!!

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Japanese license plates font

Hello! Please let me know what the font used in Japanese License plates. I attached photo to easy and simple review.

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