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What font is this?

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What Font is this ?

Dear all my friend,

Could someone help me to find out what font at attached logo/picture.

1- CFDC = ??? font
2-Civic FD Club Malaysia = ??? font

Thanks in advance.

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This is?

Granny Squares Font...


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What Gothic Font is this

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does anyone knows this font? thank you

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What font is this?


Can anyone tell me what font is this? It seems to have some customization.

Thank you

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Preamble to the Constitution

Can you identify all of the letters and the ornaments?
Would be so appreciated.
Thank you.

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retro Calligraphy?

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gorilla font

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew which typeface this gorilla was created with. I feel like the 'g' and 'a' may have been modified.
I know the image quality isn't great, any help would be appreciated.

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Hidden latin chars in a japanese game

Original length:


Hi experts,

The Japanese Ninokuni for Nintendo DS use some NDS fonts.
In one of these japanese fonts, the 12 pixels one, i have found some latin chars, that the game doesn't use.

The 'b', 'd', 'f' or 'l' look like a serif curved font, but the capital ones don't.
Does Nintendo buy/convert a well known ttf font for the game ?
I want to find closest fonts for a website.

thanks in advance.

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What Font? ♥


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Hand written font

Hello do you know this font?

Thank you.

Southern Belle
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Similar to Desyrel but not quite

Similar to Desyrel by Apostrophe Lab but not quite.
Font was originally found on Font Space website.
Desperate to track this font name down.

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I need the name of this font

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Button Text. High Schoolish font

Jersey m54
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From WW2 Propaganda Poster

motocross pro
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iber camera

Please Help :) Thanks a lot

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It looks similar to Superdry

Hi, Has anybody come across this font before? It looks similar to the Superdry logo but it's not the same font. I don't want to copy the SuperDry brand. This is for a sample to go onto garments to be sold at a wedding fayre.

Many Thanks

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plain modern font

looking to find out what font this is? thanks

Please Help :) Thanks a lot

Antique Olive Compact
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