Nicholas Jenson

I am trying to find a way of achieving the same colour, evenness and strength that Jenson conveyed, for instance, here:

I appreciate that there have been many digital typefaces inspired or informed by Jenson and I’ve tried some of them – Adobe Jenson, Arno, Legacy Serif, Centaur – but somehow all of them create a very different feel on the page.

I have been trying to put my finger on just what it is the 15th-century Jenson has that the modern typefaces don’t and just what it is that I find so attractive about the 1475 sample.

LTC Italian Old Style was originally released by P22/Lanston Type Company in 2006. The font, based on Frederic Goudy's interpretation of Nicholas Jenson's Roman face as well as other Renaissance Roman faces, has been newly updated by James Grieshaber for the Lanston Type Company. LTC Italian Old Style Pro is now offered as a pro font family containing 4 styles- Regular, Italic, Light and Light Italic. OpenType features include the original ligatures, small caps and expanded language coverage. The Roman styles, Regular and Light, also welcome the addition of ornaments.

LTC Italian Old Style Pro

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