Typeface needed for high-end Faux Fur and Leather Fashion Label

Hi all,

I need typeface suggestions for this fashion label with the description down below. I have also attached images of the types of logos that appeal to them. Key words are bold, playful, upmarket and modern. I tried to play with black-letter but I am looking for a more contemporary feel. I like the Hook and Irons Co. typeface as well which has a personable almost hand drawn feel to it. Any help/advice would be appreciated :)

Target: Women 25-35

The Logo Design is for a new and edgy fashion brand that specializes in Leather and High-end Faux Fur. The company is, Noble Deviance and we create accessories, apparel and footwear for women living in major cities like New York, Tokyo and everywhere in between. It's street wear with a touch of luxury.