Introducing Bellissima Script


Hello 2013, Bellissima Script is the first Sudtipos release of the year.

While in the same vein and spirit as Burgues and Compendium, Bellissima began from an entirely different thread as those fonts. It started with Alex Trochut generously showing me a gorgeous lettering book from his grandfather's library: Bellezas de la Caligrafía, by Ramón Stirling, 1844. Stirling was one of the Latin calligraphy pioneers who introduced a refined version of English calligraphy in Spain and made it popular in the nineteenth century.

Penmanship in the future

I'm very curious to hear the opinions of you insightful typophiles on the future of penmanship and the art of the cursive hand. I think there is probably consensus that the *art* of writing by hand as a practical skill is in decline. This is nothing new though--even Cicero complained that his contemporaries' handwriting was a complete mess. At the same time, it might be too narrow to judge today's handwriting by 19th century standards in which penmanship conveyed education, social status, etc.

I'm also interested in cursive handwriting's influence--past, present, and future--on printed and digital media.

So in a nutshell, where do you think we are headed? Has cursive died? Will it gradually evolve?


Business Penmanship ::: released



Welcome back and happy new year. We are proud to announce the release of Business Penmanship and some amazing collateral material.


The Specimen PDF is finally online. It is a beautiful collaboration with amazing illustrations by Leandro Castelao. Check it out!