An Old Type

Providing a font for free

I'm considering creating a font created from an old typeface from a specimen book with an expired copyright and making it available for free for both commercial and non-commercial use. My goal is to get social media followers. More free fonts could follow if there are signs that the approach works. Do you think that's a realistic goal? Is there something I might have better success with? The typeface I've considered is Bodoni. Do you have a better recommendation?

Romanee (what I found about it)

First and foremost, I'm really naive to typography. My interest in this subject just started earlier this year, so please be gentle on me. :)

During the last few months on my extensive research about letter forms (before I started my 2nd attempt to make my first font), I stumble upon the word "Romanee" several times on almost every article that I've read. I first thought it was some sort of style in type design.
That word keeps recurring into my head especially everytime I get my hands to work on my font. And now that I encountered it again on the article I'm currently reading, I can no longer contain my curiosity. So I searched for it via Google and here's what I found.