FONTFORGE : Transform Glyph without changing its weight? Possible?


Hi everyone,

Well everything is in the title...
I am not an expert yet on Fontforge and I am struggling to find a way to scale down my caps without changing their weights. It would avoid me to scale down then manually increase weight for each letter, which would make me go crazy for sure haha.

Thanks for any help, I would appreciate!

FontLab Studio Pro: How to: Scale (1%) × 3 times



I'm using FontLab Studio Pro v5 to create a basic icon font (just a few characters).

In this font, along with the icons, I want to add "blanks" (that is, non-spacing and non-marking glyphs).

I've posted a question on Stack related to how to create non-spacing/marking glyphs and I've gotten a little help so far.

Right now, I'm stuck trying to figure how to:

[scale] all the contours in glyphs to zero sized area: Scale (1%) × 3 times see answer here

I've found this section:

Tools → Action... → Contour → Scale

But I don't see how I can input "(1%) × 3 times".

Could someone please enlighten me?

I'd love some pro guidance here. :)