Howdy folks!
I have over the past few years tried my hand at brush-lettering or hand-lettering or whatever name this kind of style goes by. I have attached a few images for clarification. I am currently involved in another project that uses a similar style and whom better to ask than the typophiles:

In designing hand-lettering, what must one always be aware of to make it… you know… work?

The things I have so far struggled with a lot are:

  • Angles and incline
  • Stroke width
  • Connections

Regarding the incline:

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"Le Routard" Guide

Hi everybody !!

Once again, I need your help to identify different fonts.
Indeed, I want to reproduce this French Tourism Guide as the Menu of a weeding;

Can you help me to identify the differents ones?

On the cover page:

"des centaines de reduction"


"le guide du routard"


Inside text:




"Tout pour preparer votre periple …."

MANY, MANY thanks !!!

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