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Feedback: Survival guide/magazine for graphic designers.

Survival Guide/Magazine
about graphic design.

The first exam on Westerdals Graphic Design was to make an inspiring and teaching magazine about graphic design. The target group was future students on Westerdals graphic Design.

The survival guide portrays the first year of Westerdals Graphic Design as a year of hell. If you aren’t following the guide, then you wont be able to survive the first year. The magazine is based on a step-by-step guide with assets like dictionary and notes. With a focus on blending military influenced typography and Swiss black and white illustrations. It tries to create the feeling of survival, just like the old military guides in the US. Army. The format is a pocket size so the students will able to carry it all the time when survival will be needed.

Advice for designing brush- or hand-lettering


Howdy folks!
I have over the past few years tried my hand at brush-lettering or hand-lettering or whatever name this kind of style goes by. I have attached a few images for clarification. I am currently involved in another project that uses a similar style and whom better to ask than the typophiles:

In designing hand-lettering, what must one always be aware of to make it… you know… work?

The things I have so far struggled with a lot are:

  • Angles and incline
  • Stroke width
  • Connections

Regarding the incline:

"Le Routard" Guide

Hi everybody !!

Once again, I need your help to identify different fonts.
Indeed, I want to reproduce this French Tourism Guide as the Menu of a weeding;

Can you help me to identify the differents ones?

On the cover page:

"des centaines de reduction"


"le guide du routard"


Inside text:




"Tout pour preparer votre periple …."

MANY, MANY thanks !!!