I offer this challenge one more time: Strictly from memory, list the real name or usernames of three of this site’s admins.

Now write a couple of sentences documenting the personal background or merely the administrative approach of one admin. Do you know anything about them?

Next, explain exactly how one would contact any admin or a specific admin. I mean exactly.

Admins need to be listed by full name and username, with a way to contact them. When one merely wishes to contact any admin, that has to be possible too.

Jared Benson is, apparently, a Typophile administrator. He also sits on the review board (FontBoard) at FontShop, a major supplier and occasional advertiser. As such he has a conflict of interest.

The administrators of this site are just that – administrators or admins. They are not “moderators.” A moderator prescreens content. Content is notoriously not prescreened on Typophile, resulting in spam post after spam post.

The choice of terminology is important. (Times “New Roman” is not a “sansserif.”) “Moderator” connotes a degree of prior restraint that doesn’t exist. It also insinuates that immoderate comments will be censored. Whereas an admin merely administers a site and keeps it running.

“Moderators” need to stop using that malapropism to refer to themselves. They’re admins, not moderators.

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