A few years ago I designed a typeface called Half Cut Gothic and made it available for free at Dafont and FontSpace, but now a marketing firm here in Canada has contacted me regarding "ownership purchase". Considering it has been available for free for so long, how is it possible to change that? If copyright-wise this is even possible, how much do you think would be a fair price? ...Anything else I should be wary of?

They don't seem too concerned about the freeware part. Quote:

Small print tells us, in smarmy marketer’s vernacular, “Typophile is a Punchcut gig.” (You can just feel the backwards baseball cap and last year’s sneakers.)

Who or what is a Punchcut? Why should we care who or what Punchcut is, or what its “gigs” are? Here is what we should care about:

  1. Who are the real owners of Typophile?
  2. What are their names?
  3. How do we contact them?

Why are these facts not listed?

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