Goudy Old Style

Recommendation please on pairing Goudy Old Style to evoke an ancient feel



I’m looking for a font to pair with Goudy Old Style. I’m using GOS for the body text of a fantasy novel that takes place in ancient times, and I initially thought I might use Goudy Trajan (with swashes perhaps) for the chapter headers.

However, I thought that Trajan would be cliched, and I’m leaning toward using Goudy’s Forum Titling instead for a fresher use of ‘ancient Rome’ fonts. The Lanston Type Company suggests 'hybridizing' GOS lowercases with Forum Titling's capitals, but I wondered if it might work if I used them as-is. I’m open to other options to pair with GOS, of course, just so long as the font evokes that ancient feel.

There is one caveat – I may need the font to be available for ebook licensing.