¶ What are your favourite oldstyle typefaces from the Renaissance or inspired by the Renaissance?

¶ Find a list as an example to guide you into the oldstyle realm. But feel free to add yours.

❧ Bembo (Francesco Griffo/Stanley Morison)

❧ Poliphilus (Francesco Griffo/Stanley Morison)

❧ Garamond (Claude Garamont/Egenolff-Berner/Günter Gerhard Lange/Robert Slimbach)

❧ Plantin (Frank Pierpont/Robin Nicholas)

❧ Goudy Old Style (Frederic W. Goudy)

❧ Granjon (George W. Jones)

❧ Golden Cockerel (Eric Gill)

❧ Palatino (Hermann Zapf)

❧ Aldus (Hermann Zapf)

❧ Albertina (Chris Brand)

❧ Lectura (Dick Dooijes)

❧ Sabon (Jan Tschichold/Jean-François Porchez)

❧ Galliard (Matthew Carter)

❧ Augereau (George Abrams)

❧ Minion Pro (Robert Slimbach)