I've tested it here, http://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/utf8test.htm
No talking about the miscellaneous ones.

Is it Windows 7 fonts? Is it Chrome rendering? Is it some configuration I should tweak? Any help is welcome!
I've just checked that UTF-8 was selected in Chrome codification, and it was. Strangly I can see more symbols in IE 11 (!)

Enjoy non-suicidal letter shape on your mobile / cellphone. Why use a
suicidal shape k/K on the 11th english language letter, see:
http://Kalphabet.googlepages.com, when you could use a non-suicidal
letter shape alternative i.e. क/क in lower and upper cases? [choose
UTF-8 on your internet browser’s character encoding if you are unable
to see the new shape]

That is exactly what I did by using Symbian S60 v5 operating system
mobile / cellphone. I had been searching for an easy font alteration
on the mobile / cellphone in Britain. I had searched Android
operating system phones and there was either (1) rooting the phone
which required some technical ability and also involved some risकs or
(2) contracting or buying the expensive Samsung Galaxy S range or a

It looks to like the text-to-Flash converter expects to see UTF-8 but is getting Latin-1... unless there is another reason why the Flash banner in 'My account' shows my nick as 'Towan'.

Time and time again, the use of any character in a post subject line or heading beyond the US-ASCII repertoire causes such characters to be incorrectly escaped. The entire site has to be UTF-8-compliant.

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