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font pairings

What are some new favorite font pairings??? Tired of Gotham, but something just as nice.


I am trying to find a new type combination for a well established company... A font pairing that is a new style, yet won't go out of style in a few years or look too trendy. Even an old trusted font that is making a comeback? Was thinking of using Gotham for headlines, Baskerville or Archer Pro for subheads and Gotham Narrow for body copy....but then it just seems like Gotham is overused and everywhere these days. What's something comparable, has same impact as Gotham but not everywhere you look?! And a nice complimentary font to it?

Soooo...What are your top three favorite font pairings that are tried and true, your go to fonts that you're using right now??? Go!

Recommendation please on pairing Goudy Old Style to evoke an ancient feel



I’m looking for a font to pair with Goudy Old Style. I’m using GOS for the body text of a fantasy novel that takes place in ancient times, and I initially thought I might use Goudy Trajan (with swashes perhaps) for the chapter headers.

However, I thought that Trajan would be cliched, and I’m leaning toward using Goudy’s Forum Titling instead for a fresher use of ‘ancient Rome’ fonts. The Lanston Type Company suggests 'hybridizing' GOS lowercases with Forum Titling's capitals, but I wondered if it might work if I used them as-is. I’m open to other options to pair with GOS, of course, just so long as the font evokes that ancient feel.

There is one caveat – I may need the font to be available for ebook licensing.

Best Font Pairing for New Non-Profit Logo


I'm looking for suggestions for font pairings to go with our new logo.

Callanwolde Fine Arts Center is a non profit located in Atlanta, Georgia. Quick summery is that the building is a historic mansion where we have we have 200 art classes and rent for weddings and events. I have a background in commercial photography and am a jr. designer. I am working on branding guidelines and a friend suggested I post here for font suggestions.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Looking for a good san serif heading font and serif body font that my staff will have on their newest version of Microsoft Office or we can get for free/minimal cost.

Pairing suggestions for News Gothic Condensed?


I'm looking for body fonts that pair well with these heading fonts:

News Gothic Condensed Bold

News Gothic Extra Condensed Bold

Any suggestions would be great. As an aside, should the body serif also be condensed, or is it fine to pair a condensed sans headline with a non-condensed body serif.


Serif typeface to go with Delicious?


Looking for recommendations and rationales for a serif typeface to use with Delicious? This is for a course catalog, so trying to generate excitement from college freshmen and appeal to their parents at the same time. :)

I read about Delicious here, in an article for beginning book designers:

Could Delicious be used with Gentium? I also have access to Sabon, Minion, and other typefaces available through Mac OS and CS5. I would really love to learn more about type - this is my first post here. Please let me know if more details would be helpful. Thank you very much!

Priori Acute Logo Pairings


Hi All,

I'm rather new here and have to say that I an so thrilled to have found this community. It's fabulous to have someone to talk to about type. Most of my friends eyes glaze over if I even say the word :-b.

I'm working on a logo for a client that supplies the jewelers trade. I fell hard for Priori Acute and have them in love with it now as well. I am now in the process of determining the font pairings and thought someone might have an opinion.

I'll be setting a tagline as well as their name spelled out in full. Can't use Priori Acute for the full name as it will often appear small, for invoices and the like, and the sculptural beauty and playullness of it disappears at smaller point sizes.