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Please Critique my first typeface design !


I would like a critique of my first typeface design, it is comprised of 3 versions: a standard clean neo-grotesque, an alternative version that has multiple alternatives, and a "advertising" version that has a much higher x height, along with a shorter ascender/descender line, with a more expressive feel to it. all three versions will be released under the name "Dawson Grotesque"
All advice is appreciated! This has been a project of mine for quite some time — and is my first baby, so please help me make it perfect for its release in the near future !
Thanks .

Interesting but formal sans serif fonts for long body copy

Hi all,

I am new to the forums and hoping to get some much needed advice.

I am in the business of writing formal reports that convince the reader of a particular argument - much like a lawyer just not as ultra formal. I currently use Calibri but I have decided to search for a different sans serif font as I have read that system fonts are generally poorly designed.

I seek a sans serif font which is versatile enough to be used on screen and in print whilst holding the readers attention and maintaining legibility over long body copy. I would like a sans serif font that is interesting but maintains a certain degree of formality so as to remain credible.

San Serif font


Hey guys, I'm a recent graduate and I've had this typeface in mind for some while now, finally got around to make some solid working prototypes of the lowercase letters. I'd like to call it sencillo, and this would be the roman or regular version of it. Any critique or feedback would be appreciated. Also I didn't take but two type classes and never really learned how to publish a typeface, was wondering if anyone had any cost effective way to do so??