Arm with your limit-breaking design, let’s rock M&O!

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MAISON & OBJET, a world-class fashion home collections exhibition, is the final station where you colud see the top designers around the world glow. And MAISON & OBJET’s sustainability in city like Paris, a fad-leading shrine, can definitely tell the role it play in the world-class quality home collections.

Every year, the limit-breaking designs & break-through ideas turn out to be a legend in MAISON & OBJET. It will not be any framewrok restained here! ”Create under given, think beyond the limit”. Let’s elevate a whole new level of china design for Paris together!

I've come to draw upon your collective knowledge for some insight into quality Chinese foundries. I'm looking specifically for simplified Chinese fonts, and I would be doubly satisfied to find people who design fonts that have both traditional and simplified character sets.

I'm not so much interested in individual fonts as the designers themselves, because I'm interested in the development and evolution of what's been brought out.

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