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font management

FontExplorer Pro X Problem: Resolving Conflicts


Not sure if this is the place for a question like this, but I am having a very annoying problem with FontExplorer X Pro. I have reinstalled OS X
on my MacBook Pro as a clean install, using no time machine. In moving the previous fonts back onto my HD, I also brought over the previous
'FontExplorer X.fexdb' file so I can still keep my sets from before. From what I have researched, my sets should then be restored as 'missing'
and in the 'Conflicts' panel I am to locate the files. I have had no such luck.

Font Book vs Suitcase Fusion 5

I have been very frustrated with Suitcase (Fusion 5) for years and was wondering what people think about the latest version of Font Book from Apple.

Just curious if anyone who is serious about type actually uses Font Book? Does the new auto-activation work as well as Suitcase? What font management would you recommend?


Font management for a small studio

I've been working for a small design studio thats about a year old now and we are finally getting a server and some proper font management for the entire studio! Very exciting. I just wanted to ask about your favorite options, programs, and if you had any tips on making the transition.

Fonts stored on the server vs. fonts stored locally... Is it a good idea to have all the designers using fonts off of a server? Does this slow down font performance at all?

Thanks in advance!

FontExplorer X Pro Missing Fonts

I've been using FontExplorer X for some time now. Recently, I believe every time I restart my mac, most of my font sets are missing their actual font files. The sets are still there, but a "0" indicates there is no font. All my directories have remained the same, and I can re-add these fonts to the sets, but they keep disappearing in the list of sets. Anyone else having this issue?

Multi-user font licensing and Font Explorer Pro Server

We are thinking about purchasing Font Explorer Pro Server but I have a question about font licensing…

If we have purchased a font on MyFonts with five licenses and we install it on Font Explorer Pro Server will it recognise the number of licenses bought? ie. if a 6th person trys to access the font will it be flagged up?



Best way to organize large font library

Moving from Windows to Mac.
I have a fairly large font library (adobe font folio, URW collections, Berthold collections, Linotype OT Libraries, OurType, Insigne, DSType, etc...). In Windows, I used FontExpert, which read from the corresponding folders for each library. I activated specific fonts as needed.
But OS X seems to place fonts in various folders... I think I understand the design of that.
On MBpro, using FontExplorer Pro, which I have organized the various Mac, office mac, and adobe fonts into 'required' and 'other' sets. Cut activated fonts from 744 to 280.

Now, ready to bring over my personal font library... and wanted to ask what the best strategy is for this.

Extensis Universal Type Server 3


Has anyone here seen a demonstration of this release of UTS? If so, do you see it as a significant move forward from UTS and UTS2? Despite the fast approaching release date there is very little information on the Extensis website.

If Thomas Phinney sees this, would you be able to give your perspective on the new release? I am particularly interested in the font usage reporting and font license enforcement features.

Font Management for PC

I have been designing on macs since college and most of my design career.
I have recently started at a firm that uses both mac and pc for design and production. The worst thing about this is that they haven't heard of font management. I have used Font Explorer for mac without fail for all of my other jobs and having tried Extensis with bug after bug and crash after crash I was wondering if there were any experts or just experienced typophiles out there that have used anything better or more reliable than Extensis for the pc! If only there was a FontExplorer for pc!

Which font management software do you prefer?


I currently use Suitcase Fusion but am a little annoyed with it. I find it difficult to make sure that the correct fonts are activated, especially since I have multiple versions of various fonts. I'm wondering if FontAgent Pro or Font XPlorer are better? What do you all prefer and recommend?

I'm running Snow Leopard. Thanks!

Looking for great font management software?

I am looking for a great and inexpensive font management software that is reliable. I am a mac user. I would love any recommendations from people who have used more than one font manager. If you know of a software that is not great I would love to know that as well.

Sorting and browsing by category would be great.

Mac Font Management

I'm starting to get more and more fonts built up in my library. Believe it's time to outgrow Font Book and look for something more professional.

I'm on Snow Leopard (Mac) and the tools I use are Illustrator CS4, Photoshop CS4 and a lot of Fireworks CS4.

What I'm looking for specifically is a font management application that allows for auto activation for any program that I use on my system. For example, if I open up a project in Fireworks, or even Microsoft Word or Excel, and have used a font that is no longer activated as of right now that it will automatically activate the font for the time being just for that particular program.