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Certain letters not showing in Photoshop... unless copied (?)


I've been working with Lunatix Bold recently. It has all the accents and special characters I need.
However, when I'm writing something in Photoshop, it doesn't support certain characters, such as ¡, ¿, Ñ and the acute accented vowels (to be precise, it doesn't accept anything that is not the standard English set of characters). Then I write the text, using the same font, in Word. It's fine. I copy-paste the text into Photoshop... and it's fine!

Does anyone know why this happens? If this helps, I use FontCreator 5.6 to view the characters, and all non-standard characters are blue (the standard are green or sometimes red).

Line spacing problem in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator


I have 2 fonts that work together overlapped. One with letters and no dots, other with dots.
I have a problem I can't solve.
Only when I use a text box, the dots font is not matching, the linebase is different.
This happen in Photoshop and Illustrator. Works ok on InDesign.
I have the same metric values in both fonts, also the TrueType specific ones. I tried in OTF and TTf, nothing works.

Now is the weirdest thing I ever seen.
If I draw a box with the caps height in the letter «d» the font will match the line spacing. Only happen with «d» glyph. The dot font have only dots and little square inside the caps height and baseline space.

I also tried filling all the character set with my letters. It works always, excepting when i put the centered dot in «d» glyph.

kerning issues

I'm having some specific kerning issues. Has anyone ever had inconsistent kerning show up in Photoshop, TextEdit, & Windows WordPad? Almost all the kerning for a certain font shows up, but there are glaring exceptions (for example, Ke, Ka, Ta, fo). These errors are the same for all three of these programs. The same text in Mac or Windows Illustrator is perfect.

With a different font, I have the same above problem except that the Windows Photoshop works perfectly while my Mac Photoshop does not. I have FontExplorer and have emptied all caches from applications & my system and still get the same problems in Photoshop. I realize most type work is done in Illustrator or InDesign, but it should still work in Photoshop.

Any ideas?

(SOLVED) Optimizing a font for a clear pixel display at 8 pt size. How?


Dear Typophile members.
I'm compiling some letters (drawn by someone else) into a font. The letters are meant to be used in icon bitmaps sized 24 x 24 pixels and the characters were drawn to match this grid. However the result should not be a pure black/white pixel font but should show some gray tones as well. Please see attached image (desired look).
I made the font in TypeTool. The trouble is, I can't produce the right look in Photoshop when using the font. I use 8 pt size.
The UPM is 1024 and each pixel is 128 units (8 x 128 = 1024). Also every letter spacing is 128 units.

Clearly I'm doing something wrong. Does anyone know how to do this right?

Many thanks!


TypeDNA ready to try for MAC


New from TypeDNA is the unique and powerful standalone Font Manager and the unique Plugged-in® solution for Adobe's CS.

The TypeDNA Font Manager and TypeDNA Plugged-in® solution help you find the font you want to use fast. TypeDNA includes tools that offer sophisticated character analysis. During installation each font is analyzed, characteristics are determined and from this data a unique font signature is generated. The easy to use interface provides several unique tools that will really like your fonts. Each tool can be used independently or combined for extremely powerful browsing and font selection, direct within your CS5 design applications.

Tools include: Similar Fonts, Font Harmony, Attribute Filters and SmartChoice.

My latest Dell purchase has helped me see the light: I'm getting a Mac next

It's not even been a year, and my overpriced Dell Studio 15 is making funny noises. I'm tired of flimsy plastic, cheap keys, and bizarre errors, and seriously considering buying a 13-inch MacBook Pro.

Does anyone own one and can share a bit about what they about the computer? Specifically, is anyone running Adobe CS5 apps on it? Can it handle them well?

Your input would be proverbially much appreciated.

Creating highlighted text in photoshop


Does anyone know how to create highlighted text in photoshop? At the moment I am having to do this manually by creating separate boxes per line of type. This is very slow and infuriating if your working with large volumes of text.

see this site for an example of what i mean

Its relatively easy in indesign, just a case of setting an underline with an offset.

Distressing Type?



I'm looking for a good way to distress type. I've followed a few Photoshop tutorials online but have not found a method that I like. I want my type to look really beat up. I'm going to try printing the type and the doing a blender transfer to see if that gives me the right look, but I'm curious about how to do it digitally, too. Any tips or links to tutorials would be great. Thanks!

Mac Font Management

I'm starting to get more and more fonts built up in my library. Believe it's time to outgrow Font Book and look for something more professional.

I'm on Snow Leopard (Mac) and the tools I use are Illustrator CS4, Photoshop CS4 and a lot of Fireworks CS4.

What I'm looking for specifically is a font management application that allows for auto activation for any program that I use on my system. For example, if I open up a project in Fireworks, or even Microsoft Word or Excel, and have used a font that is no longer activated as of right now that it will automatically activate the font for the time being just for that particular program.