Expert class Type design 2014 exhibition


From 17 May till 31 August 2014 projects of the Expert class Type design (EcTd) students will be exhibited at the Museum Plantin-Moretus in Antwerp. The EcTd course is offered by the Plantin Institute of Typography, which operates under the umbrella of the renown Plantin Society. The exhibition comprises work of students who successfully finished the 2012–2013 course and a preview of the ongoing projects of the current 2013–2014 course. This is the third consecutive EcTd exhibition at the Museum Plantin-Moretus and the first one that is combined with the Expert class Book design course.

Letter J in Antwerp font


Hello folks,
I felt in love with "Antwerp" font made by Henrik Kubel for Playtype.
But i'm really annoyed by its "J". (see jpg)
I asked Playtype if there was a mistake.
I got this quick answer :
"The Antwerp lowercase ‘j‘ was designed this way.
It is not a mistake, in fact it helps the direction of reading and matches the ‘i’ better.
There will be a future version of the Antwerp font(s) without this detail.

I'd like to use that font for a book and find it more distracting then helping, as it is really unusual.

My question here is : do you know other fonts with such 'J' ?
Or is it a sort of trick to add a 'j' that didn't exist in the 1500s ?