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Boxcar Type Help

Need help finding a something similar to "Norfolk and Western" in this image:


actually, if you guys know of anything similar to the numerals as well it would be awesome

This is my first post on here,
figured it would be the place to go.


Hi all, I'm currently looking for a Tuscan typeface that's either extended or thin. All of the searches I've had only brings up standard tuscan fonts. Any suggestion/recommendations would be HIGHLY appreciated. :)


What are some of your favorite extended typefaces?

I prefer Reservation Wide, by Silas Dilworth. Right now, it seems to be my go-to typeface for extended type. Idlewild by HFJ is another favorite.

Obvious ones like Helvetica and Univers will probably dominate this list, but what are some of your favorite extended typefaces?

Hello Typophile,

I'm working on a piece of lettering with plans of extending it to a full display typeface later.
I would highly appreciate any professional feedback on this stage.
(yep i want to stick with such leg for "R"=)

My new typeface, "Columbia Titling", is now on sale at MyFonts and for a limited time is just $8 for four weights!

Columbia Titling is an titling-caps display family based on wide Clarendon-style wood type and industrial signage design from the late-19th and early-20th Century. It includes a small set of OpenType features, including both tabular and proportional figures, special superscript ordinal suffixes, underlined superscript alternate letters, and OpenType fractions. The typeface takes its name from the historic S.S. Columbia, a steamboat launched in 1903. Though not a true reproduction, the wide, slab serif letterforms on the front of the Columbia's wheelhouse provided some inspiration for to develop this typeface. Enjoy!

i cannot seem to find a match to this font. Any ideas?

Hey everyone,

I need some help identifying this sans-serif font.

I once knew the name to this font, something with "Gothic" at the end of the name ;-) … and no, it's not Trade Gothic Gothic Extended.

Two hints:
– I remember that this is a font that does not feature any lowercase letters, only uppercase.
– the watch-manufacturers from "wempe" are using an adapted version of this font: http://www.wempe.de/ – the problem is, they call it "wempe gothic", so this doesnt solve the problem.

Thanks a lot for the help you guys!

I've looked everywhere for this, and I simply can't recognize it. It may look like someone manually made it wider than it actual

I've looked everywhere for this, and I simply can't recognize it. It may look like someone manually made it wider than it actually is. The G looks pretty off. Appreciate all the help I can get.

Hi all - I am looking for a typeface for mid to upper mid-market jewellery brand. The existing typeface uses an extended (as in wide) slab-serif with rounded terminals (see attached image). I like the overall feel but I don't like the rounded ends - I would prefer something that feels more precise, delicate and elegant.
Any suggestions for alternatives would be much appreciated.

Hi all

I need to find a webfont alternative to Berthold Akzidenz-Grotesk Bold Extended (http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/berthold/akzidenz-grotesk-be/bold-extended/) preferably with a light weight in the same family.

So far, I;ve found "foundation sans" http://www.fontspring.com/fonts/fontsite/foundation-sans and Nimbus Sans http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/urw/nimbus-sans/black-extra/preview.html - These are close enough for this project.

However, they both render badly in Firefox on seemingly all versions of windows. Does anyone have any tips or can suggest alternatives?

Much appreciated

June 30, 2012
I'm proud to announce the released of Corbeau Pro, my third typeface family. This typeface was created with the invaluable advice of Fred Smeijers and the support of Corina Cotorobai and Rudy Geeraerts from Ourtype Foundry.

I need to create an English/Russian publication for a company using Trade Gothic font family as their corporate typeface. I've found equivalents for the Regular, Regular Italic and Bold styles on ParaType website (namely News Gothic) but am having difficulties finding replacements for the Extended and Bold Extended styles. Do you know any other Cyrillic typeface that could be used as a replacement to Trade Gothic, with regular and extended widths? Many thanks.

Please help ID this font. It is very close to Caecilia, but extended.

I've attached an image of the logo. I've run it through a few of the font identifiers out there and they can't seem to get it right. Too few characters? Too generic?

I have an old Sanyo portable cassette player, and the labels on it are in an extended typeface that was relatively common for electronics back when transistor amplification (solid-state) was a whole new thing. I'd ideally like to find a set of it in movable type, but the name of the face would be a good start. I'm sure it has plenty of clones, so if anyone knows of one, it'd do for now.

Did you know this extended font. (it is not engraver gothic)

Hi everyone,

I'm a newbie to this forum. Can anyone help me identify the open, slab serif extended face used in these initials and numerals?

Thanks so much.


I'm looking for a good extended serif typeface to be used on a wine label. Here is an example of what I'm looking for: http://streetbush.com/ExampleofExtendedSerif.jpg

It DOESN'T have to be exact:


Before I trace these characters in illustrator, does anybody recognise any of these fonts? I'm assuming they're all from the 60s, possibly 70s.

Any help would be much appreciated.



I'm going nuts trying to identify this wide, geometric sans which I've seen on my local Fox channel's news graphics and most recently on the Screen Actors Guild awards on January 23, 2010. I've come across likely candidates (Trade Gothic Extended, Aviano Sans, Doublewide) but none of those have the exact letterforms, especially the sharp point angles of capital M and W. The letterforms have the sharp angle characteristics of Metro sans (Dwiggins) but in an exaggerated extended way. The news channel graphics have shown this in upper and lowercase, while the SAG awards used all caps. HELP!

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