Lifted from pic in today's business news report that Hudson's Bay may buy Saks.
So I wonder what fonts or fonts have the comb over ampersand shown on the Saks & Company street level lettering?


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Ampersand Help

I'm looking for an ampersand that closely resembles the one from Brioche. I need to be able to use it via @font-face or adding it into a custom icon font. Anyone with recommendations much appreciated!

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fancy script ampersand

Help me identify where this ampersand is from. Thank you

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ampersand font

Can someone name that font?

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shocking ampersand?

Hello typophiles.
Do you find this ampersand shocking or OK?

< image below edited : version n°2 >

thanks a lot (again)

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Indices : Conferences : Ampersand Conference

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Moshik Nadav

Type & Typography based designer


I'm looking for fonts with the ampersand rendered ornamentally as the word "and." I've seen this a lot in more retro, poster-style projects, and I'm not sure if this is the font itself, or the alteration/rotation/etc. of a regular font. I am looking for more vintage, poster-type fonts.

Thanks in advance.

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& Haiti

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Lubalin Ampersand

Does anyone know the source of this ampersand? It shows up on google images, as the search for 'lubalin ampersand'. If it's custom - where did it originally appear?

Or if its a font, what is it?


Here's some new work I completed this evening for a friend's wedding mark.

Möbius Strip WIki

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