Hello! I have come here to hopefully obtain the information I'm seeking. I outlined a font I used for a logo in my design class before writing down the font name. The font is no where to be found in my downloads or computer so I'm at a loss here. I've searched the sites I used for this font and simply cannot find it. Could someone please tell me if they know what this font is? I have only included the bit at the beginning because the O is one of the hallmarks of the font. Thank you!

AS logo design ideas

Hello all, hope you're all well!

I need help from anyone who got a good design in mind about logo design. Im making an entertainment website now I can't think of any idea/design so please help me.

details: Entertainment website mostly Music video/mp3 songs
Logo: AS any design with AS please!

Please please help me out with this asap guys.

thank you

Need some feedback on logo

Hi Typophile

This is my first post so please be honest and don't hold back. I've been approached by a entrepreneur who is building s string of 24 hour gyms in the Berkshire area for 18 plus the audience is for people who are your average Jo looking to get fit, to your pro weekend warrior who are fed up with high gym prices. The only terms were that it should look professional, clean, simple, bright and bold, oh and it must use florescent pink, blue, or green.

City Typography

Hey! I am doing this research project based on "City Typography"

Objective: To study the vernacular feel of the city and then draw a comparison on the basis of the type having certain nuances that were characteristic of the city they are symbolic of.

So basically i am trying to show like how city's elements like Culture, Cusine, Lifestyle, Architecture, Language, Fashion and Traditions, have some connection to its visual culture it showcases.
So for this i visited Cologne and Paris and collected visual reference for the same.

But before analyzing it further i would want to know more about the visual culture or type culture of these two cities. As in how it has changed? How it has evolved overtime? The visual history of these two places.