My college newspaper has asked me to update the fonts for them. They currently use Kepler for the the masthead and body copy, and Trade Gothic for the headlines and bylines. The editor-in-chief wants the paper to look urban and modern, similar to the Chicago Reader. I am recommending Intro Inline for the Masthead, Lubalin Graph for the headlines and bylines, and Utopia for the body copy. Are these fonts appropriate?

There's just been a lot of type terms I've never really knew how to pronounce because they're just not words you hear everyday. Wondering if anyone could help me or at least say how you pronounce them

Haas (hahss? ahss?)
Akzidenz Grotesk (always said ack-zee-dens gro-tesk, but I've heard a type director say a weird pronunciation along the lines of ack-zee-den grawt. Possible abbreviation?)
Lubalin (loo-buh-lin?)
Bodoni (bo-doe-knee or bo-doe-nai? I've heard both)
Arial (ah-ree-AL or like aerial? also heard both)

I am working on a project pertaining to the work of Herb Lubalin and for one aspect I need vectors of a few of his logos. I've searched various online logo "databases" (brands of the world, etc.) but I can't seem to find anything.
Does anybody have (or know where to get) such vectors?

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Lubalin Ampersand

Does anyone know the source of this ampersand? It shows up on google images, as the search for 'lubalin ampersand'. If it's custom - where did it originally appear?

Or if its a font, what is it?


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