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Well it's been an extremely long time since I've posted on here but I wanted to share a project that I've been working on with everyone. About six or seven months ago I started helping out with DesignChat.

DesignChat is a live video chat that airs every Wednesday night at 8pm CST. We broadcast from smbolic (formerly SamataMason) and interview some of the coolest people in the industry for about an hour each week. So far we've had some amazing guests like Milton Glaser, Erik Spiekermann, Debbie Millman, Jessica Hische and many others.

A conversation with Goran Soderstrom


Fountain – A Conversation With [Ep.1]: Göran Söderström

The first in a series of portraits, made for the Swedish type foundry Fountain, to showcase its type designers.

In March 2010 we packed our gear, and flew up to Stockholm to have a conversation with Göran about his typefaces and his thoughts on type design.


Also available on YouTube.

Fountain – A Friendly Type Foundry​.
Göran Söderström: http://tinyurl.com/​2cj8qpp​

FontFeed article: http://fontfeed.com/archives/fountain-a-conversation-with-goran-soderstrom/

Cool Interview with House Industries

Just came across a new interview with Andy Cruz at House Industries and thought I'd share in case anybody missed it.

From the article:

"Type runs parallel with fashion... Just like any other genre, you've got your taste makers that can take anything and position it in the right place and all the sheep will follow. That happens with type. The joke around here is ‘ok, we like it,' that means once we put it out there, it won't be as popular as we think it will be, because we're really into it."