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Black and White

Personal Identity

I did some concept drawings for my "art studio/company". The name Eggroll Industries dates back to high school and my nickname is Eggroll.

I want it to look a little retro/artsy and simple so it won't detract from my art. I didn't buy the font yet so I can't provide larger examples. These are all roughs. I think the finished version I'm going to use a scanner technique or print them so it has a screened poster feeling.

I'm using a costume to brand myself. You can see a photo I took of me in it...long explanation.

Anyways, feedback welcome!


Black and White

…. as long as you're "painting" the black you cannot really treat the White equally. No matter how you twist and turn while marking the Black, it can't be as ideal as marking their border.

Yesterday I came across your writing and I enjoyed it very much. http://typophile.com/node/66159
As you know I am from Ethiopia and I am working on a book about Ethiopian traditional neck crosses . In all this crosses the out-side shape is equally important as the inside form .
You can see this concept even more beautifully done in Lalibela
(12 century 11 churches cut out of solid red volcanic rock)
See attached Pic . 1 and 2
If you see this windows they use them from the out side and the inside so they have to be equally beautiful (Thee black out side , White from the inside) .