A competition

the University of Canberra has launched The Canberra Centenary Typeface Design Competition - an international challenge to the world’s finest typeface designers to capture the style, spirit, prestige and character of Australia’s capital city.

The winning design, which will receive AUD$10,000, will be selected by a jury of distinguished Typographers and Designers.

What does Typophile think of this? Anyone plan on entering?

Call me ignorant, but WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?
Lets just place the whole competition not commission debate aside for a second and I might just revive a few notes from DankRealms' post from a few years ago
Surely we're not going to splatter our national paperwork with the loose and relaxed works of the Australian Type Foundry, yet when we're not surfy, not british and not European or American mirrors, what are we?

I'm searching for some kind of training in Sydney on drawing letters. Whether that's a workshop/course, a book or some website, I don't know. I know it's sort of all about practice, but my drawing technique has fallen behind since I'd stopped drawing for a while now, and I guess I want to get in the routine of practicing, but I don't know where to start. Can anyone direct me?




I've been through a few other websites which provide suggestions based on the image, and I went through the questionnaire on Identifont which suggested Chickens and Arista 2.0 - both of these are similar but slightly different to the one I'm after.

The logo I'm looking at is for an Australian company called "Eye Dream Pty Ltd". They're quite small so don't have their own website as far as I can tell, but the logo is at the bottom left of this website: and is also attached.

If anyone can help me identify this font I'd really appreciate it.



Australian type foundry LETTERBOX is proud to announce the release of two new faces (Brunswick Black + Gordon) along with a re-release of our library. Hope you enjoy them.

New Fonts
See Brunswick Black at

See Gordon at

Revised Entire Revised Library

Hi there,

I'm doing some work for the Qantas Museum, and I'm trying to find a uniquely Australian font from the 1960's / 1970's. It's quite hard, there isn't much documentation of Australian typefaces online. If anyone could help I would be so grateful!

Michel's Patisserie in Australia has launched some new $10 cakes, and I can't ID the sans used to advertise them.

You can see the font on their website here:

and in the attached poster.

Can anyone help?


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