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I stumbled over a link to some specimens of this typeface called Apollo. I like the quirks that sets it apart from similar faces, the C in particular, with the top terminal cut horizontally and the bottom terminal cut at an angle. Has this typeface ever been digitized or revived under another name? I hadn’t heard of it before.

Hi, typophiles,

Can anyone identify something close to either of these two typefaces on this book cover? (Jan Huizinga, In the Shadow of Tomorrow, 1936)?

I realize it's hand-lettered, but anything close as a starting place would be a big help - with some attention to the detail/peculiarities, if possible.


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ID Art Deco style font

Anyone have an idea what this might be. Note the lovely curved W.


Cant find a complete match for this, wondering if its a mixture or custom font

Cant find a complete match for this, wondering if its a mixture or custom font

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Art Deco Font


Can anyone please help identify the Art Deco style font of this logo? Help will be very much appreciated.

have been endlessly searching for these but to no avail, if you could help I would be greatly thankful ;-)

Does anyone know what this called? It's pretty similar to Organda.

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What font?


Can somebody tell me what font this is, please?
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Hi guys, this has gotten me stumped and I thought I'd turn to the experts for some help. I would be happy with something that's just close and isn't exact, but that triangular capital A is something I've never seen before in a typeface like this.

The subject says it all: this is from a photo presumably taken in Manila some time before the building got damaged in a fire in 1931.

I'm hoping you could help me out! Thanks.

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new font Aeolus

This is as new font I have been working on. Any suggestions?

Hello one and all.

I am here today to seek your expert knowledge in identifying the font in the image I have uploaded in this post. I would greatly appreciate any help you can give and any suggestions of similar fonts would also be of assistance.

Your (new) friend,


The Golden Gate Bridge just celebrated its 75th anniversary. I was wondering what typeface would best represent it.
Some attributes to think about…
-Built in 1937
-American Design
-Bridge Style: Art Deco / Modern

I am leaning towards:
-Gill Sans
-Franklin Gothic
-Bank Gothic

I would appreciate any thoughts.

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Font name


Somebody who knows the name of this font please?

Need help identifying this type face. Thanks

Any ideas what the sans serif "Leader Sound Ltd" font is at the bottom of the image? Thanks!

hi @ all,

i'm searching for the name of a special art-deco/retro font i've seen on a image at pixeden.
i've already tried and similar databases to find this one, but with no luck.
so i hope anyone of you can help me with this.

here are the pictures:

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Art Deco serif font?

Can anybody ID this one? It's driving me nuts because it's one I used to know years ago, but I just can't name it now. Ignore the "decay" -- it's just a poor scan from a halftone-screened original. Help please? Thank you!

dear community,

i am looking for the name of an art nouveau(?) font which i have seen at the beginning of a youtube video. I have attached a screenshot, the video itself is here:
The font whereof i'd like very much to know its name is seen from 00:02 until 00.05.

Thank you very much in advance for your help. I have looked through a lot of font catalogues in the last few days but couldn't find it.
PS: i have already written to the user who created the video but didn't get a response.

Greater Albion Typefounders have just released two new typefaces on Myfonts.

Eccles is another of our 'Early Victorian' typefaces, a series we started with the Wolverhampton family a little while ago. It might be described as 'extreme-Tuscan' in style but has a delicacy that many other Tuscan faces seem to lack. It's ideal for giving design projects a clear period feel, particularly in design and advertising work. We also see it haveing considerable application in preparing invitations to a certain type of happy event. At the other extreme, some of our younger associates have described it as 'your latest Steampunk font'. So perhaps we'll just have to settle on it having a split personality...

This is driving me crazy! I'm sure it's something really obvious. The lower central bar of the E and B reminds me of art deco fonts....Any help will be greatly appreciated :-)

Greater Albion have jusst released two new families through Fontspring and Myfonts:

Corsham was inspired by traditional stonemason's engraved lettering designs. Designed to be used alone, or in combination with our Corton family, ithas wonderfully lively air, with distinctive lively serifs and beautifully swashed downstrokes. Four faces are offered-regular bold and black weights as well as a condensed form. All faces include a range of Opentype features, including ligatures and old-style numerals. The Corsham faces merge 'olde-worlde' charm with fun character, yet remaining clear and legible for text use.


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