I was wondering if anyone knew the typeface that displayed the soccer players names for the Italian soccer team in the Euro 2012 games? I have attached a picture.


Hi Guys,

Can anyone please help ID the font used in 'Football'.

It's from an old Mattel Electronics Computer game from the 70's.

I'm thinking it's maybe handlettered based on something like Bauhaus/Horatio but haven't found an exact match.


Does anyone know who designed this typeface for the England 2018 world cup bid?

please what is the font used for Li Ning in this kit of Celta?


I like to know what font is used on most of the shirts during theis Worls Championship Football in South Africa. I searched a few places, but can't find it.

I would just like to say I really enjoy the font on the 2010 Italian team's World Cup jersey's used for the player names. Nice work Puma.

Example here

Hi there,

Can anyone suggest a typeface for a Football (Soccer) Museum Logo? It will be an "interactive" or hands-on museum all about football history, players, etc. from all over the world.



I'm new to this website, and was hoping someone could help me identify some fonts. I will post an image of the font(s) in question.

Thanks in advance.


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