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new releases

Signature Type Foundry – New Prague based type design studio


Hi everybody! Signature Type Foundry is happy to announce the release of several new typefaces: Aktion, Clara Sans
Clara Serif, Corridor, Fenomen Sans, Galaxy, Haven, Meridianus Sans, Meridianus Serif, Quodlibet Sans and Quodlibet Serif. We would be very pleased if you checked out our website: signaturetype.cz.
All attached pictures are from our exhibition at 26th International Biennial of Graphic Design Brno 2014.

Tomas Nedoma

astroluxtype new font release: Redrail Superfast


Bold mutant typography. Retro-futuristic. Sixties meets 1990’s comic book inspired, superfast for your superhero? The pencil tissue was dragged out from the very back of the file cabinet, stuck in the metal rail, it was lost then found- to bring a unique look to your project. A companion font to astroluxtype’s Spacepod, both fine ways to mark and identify your spacecraft. Note the lowercase letterforms that make connectors such as g, j, y, b, d and g. See the posters at myfonts.com for examples of how to you might use this feature. Redrail Superfast is a minimal glyph set which can be used at various sizes, we consider it a headline/display font and best applied larger than 36 points in size. Available at myfonts.com. Link: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/astrolux/redrail-superfast/

Two New Releases From Greater Albion


Greater Albion has just launched two new releases on Myfonts.com.

Crucis ornaments is the first in a series of traditionally inspired (but newly designed) sets of printers ornaments. Deva is a modern interpretation of classic Roman text and Display faces, with a range of opentype features such as ligatures and stylistic alternates. You can read more about them on our blog or try them out for yourselves on Myfonts.com.

Deva has been launched at a 30% introductory discount.

Greater Albion Releases Two New Families, and a Forthcoming Preview


Greater Albion has just released its two latest families, Granville and Federal Streamliner on Myfonts.com. Both families are being offered there at an introductory 25% discount.

YOu can see examples of them in action on our blog. You can also see a preview of a forthcoming release - Howlett - there.