Private Use

UNICODE Due Diligence in advance of assigning Private Use UNICODES


I am about to assign a bunch (approx. 500) of Private Use UNICODE to the following which do not have official UNICODES and are not yet [to my knowledge] covered by Adobe Glyph List:

Nut fractions
Annotation Superiors
Superior Punctuation
Small Cap Numbers
Small Caps Punctuation
Tabulated Numbers
Titling Capitals (x140ish)
Titling Lowercase (x140ish)
Titling Numbers
Reversed Encapsulated Sansserif Capitals
and perhaps a few other ornaments (not dingbats) etc.

Q. Are there any established Code-blocks for the listed glyphs above *agreed* between foundries?

I am posting here before approaching anyone individually. My next step is to check the future of the Adobe Glyph List but first I want to gauge the reaction to having so many apparently missing UNICODES.