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The perception of text (rhythm, texture and color)

I've recently been doing a lot more research and personal studies in type. I'm thinking of doing an elaborate study on the perception of text, where I set a page in a certain typeface and analyze why the text is being perceived in a certain way. For example, in Maiola has a rather rich texture so if I were to analyze this typeface, it would be predominantly a study in which specific elements cause the texture to increase.

Color correcting stations and the lightbulbs they have...

Greetings good people...
Looking to replace some bulbs at a workstation and I haven't a clue where to get the bulbs. Currently using Cool White Florescent bulbs, but I'd like to use bulbs meant for color correction. Does anyone have experience with these? Brands? Suppliers? Amazon?

Typopixo is looking for Lettering artists / Type-designers

We are Novo Typo / Typopixo from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
We developed a code to make multi-color fonts (multicolor-pixels in png format in unicode) useable as webfonts.

The website for this new project is online for testing now. We are looking for high quality multi colorfonts to extend this collection.
Who will be interested in selling your typefaces via this website?
It will increase your market, audience and sales for webfonts. We did some testing with typographers, designers, webdevelopers and programmers and the response is very enthusiastic and promising.

If you are interested in a collaboration we can send you a link to the website, a personal login-code and detailed information about the technique, contracts and EULA, etc.

Restricting color usage on a typeface.


I'm fairly new to type design and I have been using FontLab's TypeTool program which is great.

I've been developing a font with a client and they have asked if the font could be restricted to a single color or multiple colors when used. I know this probably isn't possible, but I'm quite hopeful that someone may have found a way. We want to do this because non-designers will be using the typeface and it makes for easier 'policing' of the brand colors, I'm not a dictator I promise!

Would greatly appreciate anybody's help.

Old-looking, outlined font.

I've been trying to look for this font for ages.
The first time I saw it was in a title card in an animated series, and I thought that it was custom made, and thus impossible to find on the Internet, but not very long ago, I found it used in a bar's facade, which led me to think that it was a pre-existing font.

The font was white with a black outline, but the TV version had some kind of "reflections". You'll understand better if you look at the image. However, the version I saw in the bar (which I assume is the original font) didn't have them.

The top image is one of the title cards I first saw the font in, and the bottom part is my own (badly-made, I know) recreation of the original look of the font, without the "reflections" seen in the first one, just as I saw it in the bar.

Can I make a color emoji font, like Apple Emoji font? How?


I wanna make a color emoji font, like Apple Emoji font. But I dunno how. I've used Symbola font too. I tried to import the images to the font, but I cannot. I dunno which software for developing the color emoji font.

Can I make it? How? Which the software (for example, Fontlab, FontCreator, etc.) they support and allow to import the images to the font? Need to be in Mac or Windows?



Multiple color fonts via overlay


Hey everybody,

Fonts are single-color. Differently colored outlines or filled-in sections (the hole in the capitol 'P', for example) could be created via the use of two fonts, one or both being useless without the other.

Are there any common such font pairs out there that I should know about, or is this something that I would have to request from someone/build myself?

the color of medieval text


In medieval text there seems to be a frequent use of red and blue lettering. Does anyone recreating medieval texts (or imitating them in advertising, book cover design, etc.) have a standard Pantone color that best represents these? Absolute precision isn't necessary; I'm just trying to invoke the (admittedly large and diverse) era through the color of the text.

(By the way, there is a Pantone "medieval blue" but it is darker than the typical blue used in medieval texts, which is more like this.)

App to simulate color blindness

Just found this, and thought I'd share it with everyone:

As designers, we sometimes forget that not everyone can see color the same way we do. I found a sweet app that allows you to simulate what color blindness does to your designs, whether it be interface design or the composition of a 4-color poster.

Here's an example of this page as viewed by someone with color blindness:

So this free app for Windows, Linux and Mac simulates how approximately 5% of all men will see your designs. It's a pretty cool app to add to your toolbox o' design stuff.

Anyway, the app is here http://colororacle.cartography.ch/