HTML Quote, Blockquote, and Cite elements.

I hate to bring this up, but it has always bothered me about Typophile:

Quotations are the backbone of discussion, but two positively mundane HTML elements, <q> and <blockquote>, are disallowed?

Because of this, the poor <cite> element is used and abused, although it is not the most appropriate markup for quotations.

According to the W3C, "<cite>" is markup for text which "contains a citation or a reference to other sources." (HTML 4.01 Specification &sect; 9.2.1 Phrase elements)

Allowing <cite> is fine, even giving it a little semantic wiggle room, but not allowing <q> or <blockquote> is just plain silly.

Given that this is a forum for discussion, shouldn't the proper markup be allowed?